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Instagram Reel launches another TikTok clone feature – Top Tech News


Instagram Reel launches another TikTok clone feature

Instagram on Thursday added two new features, which are again exact clone of TikTok. These two new features are text-to-speech and voice effects. Both these features are already standard features on TikTok and are immensely popular with the users. This is the latest attempt by Facebook owned Instagram to capitalize the short-video boom, which eventually made TikTok an household name across the world (Click here).    


Spotify is buying an audio book company

Image Source: Flickr

Spotify is acquiring an Ohio based audio company called Findaway for an undisclosed amount. Findaway touts itself as the world’s largest audiobook company and its clients include the likes of Amazon, Google and Apple. The Swedish streaming giant, which is already trying hard to consolidate its presence in the podcast space, is trying hard to diversify its business. Its latest acquisition of Findaway seems to an attempt in that direction (Click here)  


Amazon Prime Launches its new clip sharing feature

Amazon Prime Video app has launched a new feature that allow users to share clips from TV shows and movies directly on its app. Users can then share these videos directly on social media platforms or via direct message. This current feature is available only on IOS platform and for users residing across the U.S. Moreover, in the initial rollout this new feature will be available only for limited TV shows and movies (Click here).   


U.S tightens restriction on Huawei and ZTE

The U.S. administration has signed a new law that will eventually ban Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE from providing networking equipments to American companies. The new law is the latest development in U.S government’s long drawn battle against Huawei and ZTE. Huawei and ZTE have both been officially tagged as threat to America’s national security (Click here).  

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