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India’s Online Rummy to become USD 1400 Mn in market size by 2024, claims survey

Fueled by growing internet penetration, India’s online Rummy Industry has been witnessing exponential growth over the last one decade. A new survey by Redseer consulting predicts that this rapid growth is most likely to continue in coming years as well.  The survey predicts that India’s online rummy market will continue to grow at 33% CAGR to become a USD 1400 Mn in market size by 2024.



The survey claims that this growth will be fueled by increasing penetration of platforms in semi-urban and rural region of South & West India. The unabated growth in non-core geographies especially in north & east India will equally play a big role in fueling this growth, the survey added.

The Redseer survey went on to add that till date online rummy industry have garnered a lifetime registered user base of 23 Mn.  The Monthly active cash users (MACU) is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% till 2024, the survey added.

While the potential growth of India’s online Rummy industry cannot be discounted, the industry also faces several big challenges. One of its biggest challenges is that games like rummy continue to earn the tag of gambling; something that is seen as a stigma in a conservative society like India. In fact, nearly two months back 5 men were arrested in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu for merely playing card of games.

Notably, Rummy is widely considered as skill based game and is therefore deemed as legal as per Indian constitution. That said, several states have adopted tough laws to regulate poker and online rummy games.

Even a big startup like Paytm had to recently face Google’s wrath after it accused that Paytm’s recently launched gaming app was indulging in gambling.

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