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Indian startups are going for a massive layoff

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech and business enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Indian startups are going for a massive layoff


Economic slowdown and decrease in VC funding seems to have finally caught the Indian startups in a big way. This is easily visible with the huge number of layoffs among Indian startups in recent months. According to media reports, so far startups have laid off nearly 6,000 employees in 2022. And if experts are to be believed then more layoffs are expected in the coming months. Some of the top Indian startups that have recently laid off employees Include Unacademy, Vedantu, Furlenco, Trell, Car24 and OkCredit.


China will launch its Blockchain Technology in International Market in August

Last week, we had informed our viewers about China soon launching its own blockchain product in the international market. Now the latest development is that the Asian giant is gearing up to launch its maiden blockchain product in the month of August itself. Its international blockchain product will be called ‘Spartan Network.’ However, it is still not known which countries will be using the Spartan Network. China has also made it clear that Spartan Network won’t be used for mining cryptocurrencies.


Pop Queen Madonna Banned from Instagram Live

switch Instagram accounts

Iconic singer Madonna has been blocked from Instagram Live. The photo sharing platform has accused the famous pop singer of violating its community guidelines. According to reports, Madonna was found of posting nude pictures of herself on Instagram Live. The renowned signer has nearly 18 million followers on the photo sharing platform. Madonna reportedly expressed frustration over blocking her Instagram account from live streaming. Notably, Madonna can still use her normal Instagram account.


Elon Musk gets trolled after posting a Job ad on Twitter

Elon Musk
Image Credits: Flickr OnInnovation

Tech billionaire Elon Musk recently posted a job advertisement on Twitter. His job ad said that he is looking to build a litigation department that would help him fight against pending legal cases. However, Musk did not find any serious contender for this job. That’s because almost every one responded to Musk’s job requirement with bizarre skillsets and ridiculous answers. In other words, almost no one took Musk’s job ad seriously. Probably because the tech billionaire posted this ad barely hours after he was accused of sexual misconduct by an ex-SpaceX employee.



Apple wants to expand production outside China

Tim Cook Apple CEO

It seems that Apple is literally fed up with China’s strict anti-covid policy. China’s no no-sense Covid policy had forced Apple’s manufacturing factories in China to go for a shutdown for several months. The tech giant now believes if this situation persists then it can hamper the production of all its products. Therefore, Apple is now reportedly planning to increase production in Indian and Southeast Asian manufacturing plants. Notably, Apple has a manufacturing plant in Chennai, where it manufactures made in India iPhones.

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