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Indian Ministers line up on Twitter to Woo Tesla’s Elon Musk

Image Source: Flickr

The negotiation between Elon Musk, CEO & founder of energy vehicle manufacturer Tesla, and Indian government has been prolonging for last few months. Musk has been requesting the Indian government to slash the import duty on the Tesla’s imported cars in the Indian market.

The world’s richest man could not help but vent his frustration on Twitter. Below is the screenshot of Musk’s tweet.

Given that Musk’s tweets are almost considered as holy-grail in the world of Twitter, his tweet was obviously going to attract barrage of reactions from the Indian twitterati community. The Indian Twitter users certainly reacted and made amply sure that their sarcasm was all too visible in their tweets.

But the tweets that probably stood out were the ones that were tweeted by several state level ministers and politicians from India. These minister and politicians tried to placate Tesla’s CEO by inviting him to invest and start a factory in their respective states.

Maharashtra’s Water Resource Minister Jayant Patil, Punjab’s Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu, and Telangana’s IT and Industries Ministers  K T Rama Rao were among the prominent ministers and politicians to respond Musk’s tweet.

But probably out of their ignorance or they were being too naïve, Indian politicians presumably missed the point that Musk’s tweet was regarding the challenge that his company is facing in getting the import duty slashed in India and not for making investment in India.

Supposedly, the Tesla cars that Musk is seeking to sell in India will be made in China. Notably, Tesla has already set a manufacturing plant in China and today its made-in-China vehicles are imported across the world.

Below are the screenshots of some of the best sarcastic tweets that sought to point out the glaring discrepancies between what Musk is actually trying to point out and Indian ministers naïve response to his tweets.   


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