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Indian government warns VPN companies: Follow the rules or exit the country

Here are top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech and business enthusiasts should keep a tab on.


Indian government warns VPN companies: Follow the rules or exit the country

Recently the Indian government said that VPN companies will have to mandatorily keep log sheets of all its users. The new guidelines have created a huge outcry in the VPN industry. However, despite this massive outcry, the Indian government has refused to budge. The latest statement from the Indian government’s top minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that VPN companies who don’t comply with the new rules will have to either shut the shop or leave the country. Experts have already warned that this new rule can lead to the death of the VPN industry.


WhatsApp can soon allow you to leave groups silently

One of the most frustrating features of WhatsApp is that it alters all the participants in the group when someone decides to leave the group. This feature can sometimes cause a lot of awkwardness and embarrassment. However, in the future WhatsApp can save you from this embarrassment. That’s because guys the instant messaging platform is reportedly testing a new feature. This feature will allow you exit the unwanted group without making much fuss about it. Apart from the group’s admin, no one will get the alert about your exit from the group.


Amazon’s platform Twitch faces flak for live streaming a massacre


Twitch, the platform owned by e-commerce giant Amazon, is currently facing a lot of heat back in the U.S. That’s because last week a mass shooting incident was streamed live on Twitch that ended up killing 11 people. The shooting incident took place in buffalo city. Twitch has already removed the controversial video from its platform. Nevertheless, following this incident demands have once grown about censoring social media platforms.


Elon Musk says he has now become hardcore Republican supporter

Image Credits: Natan Dvir/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Elon Musk, the controversial tech billionaire, has tweeted that he is no longer a supporter of the Democratic party and in future will vote for the Republican party. The Tesla and SpaceX boss said that the Democratic party, which is currently in the power in the U.S,  is using hate and divisive strategies for dividing the people of the U.S.  Musk also tweeted that he may face some backlash from the Biden government in the coming months for making this controversial statement.


Edtech startup Vedantu goes for another lay off – fires 424 employees

Pune based edtech unicorn startup Vedantu has once again opted for a massive lay off. Barely a week ago Vedantu had fired 120 employees. Now in the latest move, the edtech start-up has laid off nearly 424 employees. The company said that it was forced to take this decision because it is expecting lack of operational capital in the coming months. On one hand Vedantu is laying off employees, its competitor Byju’s is showing no such signs. In fact Byju’s, which is also planning for an IPO soon, is planning to acquire more companies.

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