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India and Japan want Access to Encrypted Communication – Top Trending News

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India and Japan want Access to Encrypted Communication

Members of intelligence sharing alliance Five Eyes, which includes prominent countries India & Japan, have urged all tech firms to create a unique solution that enables their law enforcement agencies to get an access to encrypted communication.  If Five Eyes have their way then law enforcement agencies will have unfettered access to their citizen’s Whatsapp chats. This is, of course, just one of the many causalities if Five Eyes alliance succeeds in their mission. For years several countries have been pressurizing tech companies to open their encrypted enabled communication channel under the pretext of national security. To know more click here.


U.S. may pressurize Google to sell its Dominant Chrome Browser

In the coming weeks Google may probably face its biggest litmus test as US’s Justice of Department (DOJ) and state prosecutor may force the tech giant to break away from its dominant web browser Chrome. According to reports, DOJ is filing a lawsuit that accuses Google of using its dominant web browser to monopolize its search engine market. The coming litigation comes at a time when all big tech companies have come under increasing scrutiny for their alleged monopolistic activities to throttle their competitors. To know more please click here.


India’s Razorpay clocks $1 Bn valuation after raising $100 Mn

India’s B2B Fintech startup Razorpay has become the latest Indian startup to join the coveted unicorn club after raising $100 Mn in its latest series D round. Razorpay’s massive funding round has come at a time when the global Fintech sector has been reeling under the pandemic impact. That said, Razorpay’s success is simply awe-inspiring considering that it started its journey from a small apartment and today it has become one of India’s largest payment provider…To know more click here.


China’s Shenzhen is doling out millions of worth digital Yuan to test its digital currency


China’s Shenzhen has adopted a unique strategy of promoting its latest digital currency, digital Yuan. It will dole out $10 Mn digital Yuan to local residents via lottery and citizens can use the same for purchasing items at selected shops. This is China’s latest experiment in its trail and error series to promote the use of digital currency across the country. To know more click here   

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