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In a first, Florida will fine Social Media Platforms for Blocking Politicians -Top Tech News

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In a first, Florida will fine Social Media Platforms for blocking politicians

Source: Flickr

In a controversial move, Florida’s governor has a signed legislation that will empower the states in levying heavy fines on social media platforms for blocking politicians’ accounts. The new law will come to effect on July 1 and will fine social media companies whopping $250,000 per day. This controversial move has come months after Twitter, Facebook & Youtube blocked Donald Trump’s account . The social media giants cited the Capitol Hill violence for taking this unprecedented decision.



Germany gives ‘Legal Clearance’ to ‘Driverless car’ on Public Road



German parliament has passed a legislation that will allow driverless vehicles on public road by 2022. This technically paves way for companies to deploy robot taxi and delivery services in the country at a mass scale. This legislation though awaits the green signal from German parliament’s upper house. Until now, Germany only allowed testing of driverless vehicles but prohibited their commercial adoption. As per the legislation, companies using driverless vehicles for commercial purpouses will have to adhere many rules.


It is Almost official that Amazon will buy MGM for $9 Bn

Image Credits: Flickr cabriolet2008


Amazon has moved teasingly close to acquire MGM studio for nearly $8-9 Bn, according to media reports. Sources claim that only few formalities are remaining and the deal can be announced anytime soon. This acquisition will help the ecommerce giant to beef up its Amazon Prime’s content library. Amazon Prime competes with deep pocketed players like Netflix and Disney. If Amazon does acquire MGM then it will be e-commerce giant’s costliest acquisition in recent years.


Google rolls out a new dermatology tool to help identify skin problems

Image Credits: Flickr Omar Cafini

Google is known for doing crazy experiments. Keeping true to its trade mark style, the search engine giant has now rolled out a new dermatology tool. This tool asks users to upload photos of their skin. Based on these photos, Google leverages the power of artificial intelligence to unravel about any possible skin related issues that you might be facing.


Indian Police raids Twitter Office

Logo of Twitter…Image source Flickr

The relationship between Indian government and Twitter has hit a new low following a raid on Twitter office. The police in India’s capital Delhi raided Twitter’s office in late evening on Monday. The raids came days after Twitter tagged series of tweets of ruling party (BJP) as manipulated media.

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