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iFOREX App: Simplifies Online CFD Trading Like No Other Can

All thanks to scores of mobile apps, today, traders can trade any financial instrument from the comfort of their phone and give a real head start to their financial prospects. However, a trader’s prospect of financial growth largely depends on the reliability and trustworthiness of the app itself. ‘Trust’ really counts for a lot in cases of financial investment. Whether this investment happens through a mobile app or through an offline medium.

Trade online CFDs with an iFOREX app

This partly explains how iFOREX’s app sustained unrelenting popularity over the years. This trading app’s resounding success resonates the unwavering respect iFOREX enjoys in the online trading world. Much of this unwavering respect has been garnered uninterruptedly ever since iForex’s debut way back in 1996.

However, it is not merely the trust factor that makes iFOREX App standout among scores of CFD (contract for differences) trading apps out there. The app offers many unique features that other CFD trading apps don’t and this has largely contributed to its sustained popularity.


  • Endless investment options: With over 650 CFD products available on the iFOREX app, traders can never run out of investment options. They can invest in CFDs through shares, ETFs, commodities, currencies, cryptos, indices and other options. The iFOREX app, simply put, offers a huge galaxy of CFD investment products to enable traders to maximize their investment and return.


  • 100% Market leverage: Even when markets are choppy and unpredictable, iFOREX traders won’t face any liquidity problems. Thanks to robust liquidity, traders can keep investing irrespective of the market conditions.


  • Insightful trading & analysis tools: Traders have several advanced trading and analysis tools at their disposal to ensure that they only make smart investment. Live rates and charts, market signals and plethora of sophisticated trading tools enable traders to seize right investment opportunities at the right time. The app also offers great amounts of educational resources including tutorial videos targeted at beginners and amateur traders. All this insightful information certainly results in smart investment and ease of trading for traders.


  • Protection against Negative Balance: iForex traders never have to worry about their balance getting negative even when the market is in a complete turmoil. This is all thanks to ‘negative balance protection’ feature to ensure that traders don’t incur more loss than the capital available in their account.


  • 24/7 live Support: Whether it is a simple CFD query or complicated trading issues, iForex’s 24/7 live support will ensure that nothing becomes a stumbling block in your investment decision. This 24/7 live support offered in 20 languages ensures that traders always remain ahead in the investment game.


No trading fees and minimum investment: iFOREX does not charge commission or trading fees from traders. But it does charge fees on withdrawal and other important services offered to traders. Another positive feature is that traders can start trading with a minimum investment of merely $100 whereas on other online brokerages, traders are required to deposit as high as $500 to start trading.

Conclusion: iFOREX app brings with it the same value of integrity and transparency that iFOREX has been passionately offering to online trader for over last two decades. Not to mention all the trademark features of iForex that promote ease-of-trade and investment are available on this app. This app, in a nutshell, will enhance your online trading opportunities by bringing excellent trading features right in the palm of your hand.

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