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IBM gets out of Facial Technology Business – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…check it out   


IBM gets out of facial technology business

Tech giant IBM has decided to quit the facial technology business. The decision was conveyed by company’s new CEO Arvind Krishna in a letter addressed to the members of the United Stated Congress. Krishna reportedly said in the letter that the company will neither provide facial recognition software nor will it encourage the use of the technology for mass surveillance. IBM’s surprising decision has come in the wake of nationwide protest and racial riots following the death of black man, George Floyd.


Google Meet will start rolling out noise cancellation feature from today (albeit slowly)

Google Meet will start rolling out AI (artificial intelligence) based noise cancellation feature from today. Google has promised that this new feature will filter out all the background distractions and make your video conferencing call a far more superior experience. However, Google is going to roll out this feature pretty slowly, which means G-suite customers will have to wait for month-long and Android & IOS users will have to wait even longer for this feature.


    ‘Do black lives matter?’……Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri has an answer for this question

‘Do black lives matter?’.  ‘Yes, their lives do matter’ was the empathic answer from all the popular voice assistant products like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. This small operation was conducted by The Business Insider to find out whether the digital voice assistants are playing a fair game when it comes to racism problem. Well, the good thing is that Google, Amazon and Apple have programmed their voice assistants to give positive responses when asked ‘do black lives matter.’


Lillium – the startup that has attracted the attention of Tesla’s second-largest stakeholder

German air taxi startup Lillium is widely hailed as one of the exciting startups that promises to solve cumbersome problem of urban congestion. The startup has just raised $35 Mn through an extended funding round. By the virtue of this extended funding round, it has added a new investor in the form of Baillie Gifford. Baillie Gifford is not an ordinary name in the investment world. It is the second-largest stakeholder in Tesla, after Elon Musk.

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