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Humane AI Pin launched at $699, aims to replace Smartphone

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Humane AI Pin launched at $699, aims to replace Smartphone

San Francisco based company Humane AI has finally launched its highly anticipated product the ‘AI pin’ at $ 699. AI pin is a tiny wearable device that has been dubbed by many as smartphone killer. It clips onto your clothing and acts as a personalized assistant. It is controlled via voice and touch and has no screen. The Ai Pin is powered by large language models from OpenAI and Microsoft, and it has a monthly subscription fee of $24. Humane AI can do many things for you including answering your questions, translating languages, making phones, sending texts, writing different kind of creative content and much more.


Samsung to launch Galaxy AI on all Galaxy phones

Samsung has just launched a new generative AI tool called ‘Galaxy AI’ to offer comprehensive ‘mobile AI’ experience on all Galaxy series phones. Galaxy AI will offer many exciting features including AI Live Translate Call, which is one of its primary features. This feature will act as your personal translator whenever you make a call to people who speak in foreign language. Mobile AI can also automate several tasks like scheduling meets, composing emails and even generating reports. Additionally, it can double up as a creative tool by helping users in composing music or creating personalized stories. Samsung still hasn’t given exact date or timeline about when it plans to launch this AI tool into the market.


OpenAI launches data partnership to train its AI models

The ChatGPT maker OpenAI has just launched one of its kind data partnerships where it will work with various organizations to generate private and public datasets for training its AI models. The public dataset will be available for anyone to use, while the private datasets will be used to train proprietary AI models. OpenAI said that with this partnership it is aiming to build a more powerful AI models that completely respects cultural diversities and diverse views. OpenAI said that it is already talking with several organizations to form data partnership but didn’t name the organizations. The Sam Altman led company has assured that it will take care of data privacy while working on these data partnership.


Amazon may scrap Android from Fire TV & other Devices

According to sources, Amazon is all set to ditch Android OS for Fire TVs and smart displays. Android may be replaced by a new internally designed OS, codenamed as ‘Vega.’ Sources further claim that Amazon has already tested Vega on Fire TV streaming adapters and its launch is all but certain by next year. Vega is reportedly  based on a flavor of Linux, and is using a more web-forward application model. App developers have also been informed to use React native as an application framework. However, Amazon hasn’t confirmed these rumours. But given that rumours of Amazon working on internal OS has been going around for long time, there certainly seems to be truth in these rumours.


Snap is launching a new AR Tool with ChatGPT API Tool

Snapchat’s parent company Snap has released a new beta version of its augmented reality (AR) development tool, Lens Studio 5.0. This new AR tool promises faster performance with projects expected to load 18x faster, which would make it easier for developers to build complex AR experiences. Lens Studio 5.0 also includes a new ChatGPT Remote API, which allows developers to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT model to create interactive and conversational AR experiences. Additionally, it also supports version control tools like Git and includes a number of other improvements such as new texture generation tools and improved preview capabilities.

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