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Huge Leak reveals Xbox’s Future Designs and Features

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that I feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Huge leak reveals Xbox’s future designs and features

Microsoft is planning to launch an all-digital Xbox Series X and a new gyro controller in November 2024. These leaks were accidentally leaked in a document that were part of FTC v. Microsoft lawsuit. The document reveals that the new Xbox Series X will have a cylindrical design and will ship with a new controller codenamed “Sebile.” It will also feature quieter buttons and thumbsticks, new app features, and sustainability tweaks like a swappable battery, recycled materials, and improved reparability. The all-digital Xbox Series X is likely to be priced at $499. However, it is important to note that these are all leaked information and hence can’t be said with surety how serious is Xbox about launching these features and designs.


Bard Chatbot gets integrated with other Google apps   

Google announced on Tuesday that its Bard chatbot will be integrated to other popular Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive Maps and more. Following these integrations into these apps, Bard can provide more tailored and informative responses to users. For instance, if you request Bard then it can summarize the entire content of mail in your Gmail inbox. You can even ask to generate a list of potential meeting times based on your calendar availability in Google Calendar. Google is also rolling out new features to double-check Bard’s answers using the chatbot’s “Google it” button. Additionally, Bard now allows you to collaborate with others on a chat conversation and has now been expanded to more than 40 languages.


Neuralink to commence Human Trial of Brain Implant for Paralysis Patients

Elon Musk’s brain chip startup Neuralink has announced that it has received necessary regulatory approval for starting the first human trail of its brain implant for paralysis patients. The human trails will involve using the robot to surgically place a brain computer interface (BCI) in small number of volunteers with paralysis. The volunteers will then be trained to use the implant to control computers and other devices. If the trials are successful, Neuralink’s brain implant could be a breakthrough for people with paralysis. It could allow them to regain some of their independence and to communicate with the world around them. These trails will be completed by the end of 2023.


OpenAI launches expert group to make its AI model more responsible

ChatGPT creator OpenAI has launched the OpenAI Red Teaming Network that will act like an expert group to help OpenAI to assess and mitigate the risks of its AI models. Red Teaming is a rigorous practice of simulating adversarial attacks on a system in order to identify and fix vulnerabilities. The Red Teaming Network will work in close coordination with OpenAI to develop and test adversarial attacks on its AI models. OpenAI has formed this expert group in the wake of growing concerns about the apparent risks posed by AI models, including misinformation, create deepfakes, or manipulate people. The company is hopeful that this move will help in making its AI models more responsible and robust.


WhatsApp is launching Flows for improved in-app shopping experience

WhatsApp is bringing a chatbot to its platform called Flows for a richer in-app shopping experience. This chatbot will help in shopping and purchasing various products, booking appointments with doctors & salons, and getting customer support without leaving the instant messaging app. The company is currently beta testing this feature in several markets like Brazil and India. Before in-app shopping feature, WhatsApp introduced in-app payment on its platform in India and few other markets. However, its in-app payment feature failed to receive much customer traction in the market.

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