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HQ Demand: A video app that may Redefine the way we do Online Shopping

Company: HQ Demand

Funding: Bootstrapped

Founder: Ikechukwu Christian-Ezeofor

Industry: E-commerce

Headquarter: Oregon, USA

HQ Demand is a soon to be launched android video app with an ambitious aim to take the global e-commerce game to the very next level. Simply imagine an e-commerce transaction where buyers and
sellers are connected through a real-time video. Bringing both parties closer than they ever had been
and creating virtual proximity that will benefit buyers as well as sellers in more than one ways. Even
the most stubborn critics will admit that this idea has the potential to redefine the entire e-commerce
landscape. In a nutshell, it will revolutionize the way most of us do online shopping in the near future.

HQ Demand has many unique features at its disposal that clearly hints that this revolution is pretty
much imminent and our online shopping world is about to change for better. Below we’ve brought forth
all the features and the benefits that buyers and sellers can derive from it.

Video Chat: This feature is obviously the essence of the HQ Demand app. It creates a virtual connection
between buyers and sellers and helps them to reap a plethora of benefits that come along with it. Buyers
have the rare opportunity to verify a product’s quality and functionality before making the purchase.
Sellers, on the other hand, stand the advantage of making a personal connection with the buyer and in the
process help his business grow multifold. It must be noted that in today’s conventional e-commerce
transaction sellers have no scope to forge any personal bond with their buyers. The present-day online
shopping is conducted behind the veil of anonymity where both buyers and sellers are unable to make
any contact with each other.

Do Video Chat from anywhere: You can do video chat not only from the comfort of your home but also
while traveling or being busy in your work.

Transaction Code System: After a consumer buys any product, HQ Demand’s transaction code system
feature comes into the act to ensure that the product reaches the consumer’s doorsteps safe and secure. One
of its primary function is to automatically alert the local police as soon as the consumer enters red alert
pin code in the app. This helps the local police to keep an eagle eye on the product as soon as it enters
their jurisdiction.

Transportation Category: HQ Demand doesn’t merely cater to buyers and sellers but also those who
own a fleet of transport vehicles like trucks. Truck owners can directly negotiate with buyers as well as

sellers on our platform and transport their goods on the negotiated price. HQ Demand app also enables
truck owners to negotiate with buyers and sellers who have bought goods from other platforms.

Conclusion: HQ Demand app is need of the hour for paving way for revolutionary changes in the global e-commerce industry. This video app is geared towards bringing never before benefits by making online
shopping truly conversational in nature. This app allows buyers and sellers to enjoy the unprecedented
opportunity to enter a personalized conversation and change the fundamental nature of the e-commerce
industry. By doing so, it will serve the noble purpose of making online shopping not only interactive but
also a lot more fun.

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