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How Your Business Can Benefit from a Third-Party Data Marketplace

Conducting market research is one of the mandatory aspects of running a business today. Modern business organizations have two options for how they want to do their market research. They can either do it in-house or leave it to third-party data marketplaces. Each option comes with its own unique benefits and advantages, as well as challenges.

Since a third-party data marketplace can help to develop and deploy an agile, flexible, and scalable enterprise data architecture for gathering competitor insights, consumer information, and product intelligence, let’s see how outsourcing market research can benefit your organization.

Improved confidentiality

Modern companies rely on consumer feedback to improve their products and services and provide better customer experiences. Since they mostly use surveys and customer reviews to gather feedback, consumers have become increasingly concerned with using their personal information in such situations.

Many of them don’t want their names tied to the surveys. Since confidentiality is vital for both brand awareness and employee surveys, it can make or break the user experience. A third-party data marketplace helps to eliminate this risk and ensure customer answers are kept separate and out of the reach of the business organization doing the research.

Such a marketplace helps businesses to measure performance and brand awareness by blinding the research, leaving the respondents unaware of the company doing the survey, thus providing more reliable and trustworthy results.

That’s especially beneficial to companies conducting employee surveys so their employees wouldn’t feel pressured but free to give honest answers.

Better perspective

If you want to enhance strategy with the data market, a third-party data marketplace can help with that. Your company could use a fresh pair of eyes to drive better ideas and seize new business opportunities in your market research process.

Sometimes, businesses get so caught up in coping with the latest online trends and getting ahead of the competition that they miss great chances to expand to new markets and identify lucrative opportunities for growing business operations.

The better your perspective on the real picture regarding your market, competitors, and customer satisfaction, the more effective your business strategy will be. Receiving continuous customer feedback is an essential part of market research.

It provides countless businesses with invaluable insights into their customers’ needs and daily pains. They can use this knowledge to improve the lead generation process, conversion rates, retention rates, customer satisfaction, loyalty and etc.

Third-party data marketplaces provide unbiased and actionable insights regarding consumers and their preferences.

Time savings

Using third-party data marketplaces and market research vendors allows your business organization to save time by acting as an extension to your internal team.

Compared to conducting in-house market research, this option allows your business to receive recommendations, insights, and analysis faster, as well as shift your team’s focus on the core mission and priorities. You can spend your time gaining insights rather than collecting and processing data.

It can also liberate a certain portion of your resources that can be better spent on developing more intuitive and targeted marketing and business strategies with data-driven decision-making.

Access to talent and expertise

Third-party data marketplaces can provide your company with access to top-class, most accurate market, consumer behavior, competitor insights, and as well as talent you wouldn’t be able to find with any in-house methods.

These virtual platforms hire highly skilled data scientists and analysts who could run your target group sessions using unique analysis techniques and methodology to gather top-grade information from various industries, such as:

  • Financial services;
  • Higher education;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Consumer packaged goods;
  • Healthcare;

The insights you gather from market research can prove invaluable when gaining a competitive advantage and becoming an authoritative force in your market.


Third-party data marketplaces have all access to advanced survey tools, technologies, and techniques that allow them to create complex, real-time surveys and provide you with the value of external data that can propel your company to success.

They can provide all the leverage you need to beat your competitors, attract more customers, gain more revenue, help businesses personalize marketing offers and establish your brand as trustworthy in your business niche and beyond.

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