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How SmartOffice Solutions are becoming helpful for SMEs

Today SMEs cannot leave their imprint in a highly globalized world without the help of a robust Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. An efficient ICT infrastructure is an absolute must for any company – be it small scale or large scale – that claims to be ambitious and aspiring in its vision. However, setting up a well-organized ICT infrastructure is a highly cumbersome task as it incurs considerable expenses and consumption of time as well as energy.

Meeting these expenses (including maintenance charges) is a challenge for most newly established SMEs owing to their shoestring budget. In such an adverse scenario, SMEs certainly need a viable solution that puts limited stress on their CAPEX and OPEX. Not to mention they also need a solution that helps them achieve that level playing field to compete with large companies.

The answer to their crying needs is SmartOffice Solutions. Today SmartOffice Solutions for SMEs are rightfully gaining a lot of popularity for the innumerable convenience it offers. These conveniences essentially put budget-conscious companies in absolute driving seat position. Today SmartOffice Solutions are spearheaded by many reputed companies including Tata Tele Business Services.

But what really is SmartOffice and how it is really helping SMEs.

SmartOffice is a solution that addresses all your technology and communication needs through a single box. Yes, you heard it right, a single box. Most of the single box SmartOffice solution offers the following features to small and medium enterprises:

  • Seamless Voice and Data connectivity
  • Offers full support to IP & analog phones
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and router
  • Last mile connectivity to PSTN voice and internet bandwidth
  • Completely compatible with smartphone apps and desktops
  • Offers Cloud storage

All the above-mentioned features cover all modern technology and communication needs. More importantly, SMEs stand to benefit monetarily and otherwise through SmartOffice Solution. There are actually four major business benefits that small and medium scale enterprises can derive from this single box solution.

  1. It spares SMEs from investing in multiple devices and also saves invaluable time as well as energy in dealing with multiple vendors. The savings on investment obviously augurs well for the company’s overall CAPEX and OPEX.
  2. Since companies won’t be dealing with multiple devices, they will also save a lot of money in recurring annual maintenance charges (AMC). This again helps small companies in controlling their expenses.
  3. With SmartOffice Solution, small companies can always rest assured of dedicated bandwidth for high-speed internet.
  4. SmartOffice Solution can never become obsolete as it is futuristic as well as a future-ready solution.

As hinted above, in today’s digital-driven time connectivity is the undisputed king. Without seamless voice and data connectivity, today no company can survive let alone thrive in the current highly competitive environment. In this context, SmartOffice solution with its cost-effective and highly efficient features has come as a big blessing for all SMEs. Today without spending a fortune of money, they are at the forefront in today’s digitally connected world. This advantageous position is certainly helping them in creating and seizing new growth opportunities for their business. Helping them invariably in achieving new frontiers and giving fresh stimulation to their aspirations.

All said and done, SMEs need to be forthcoming in taking superlative advantages of the SmartOffice solution. After all, today staying behind in the connectivity game is an economically unviable option.

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