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Hackers have hacked T Mobile’s Server (Unconfirmed Report) – Top Tech News

Here are the top news from the world of technology…..


Hackers have hacked T Mobile’s Server, Report claims

Several unconfirmed reports have claimed that hackers have hacked T Mobile’s server, resulting in a massive data breach. According to reports, data of nearly 100 Mn customers of T Mobile has been breached. The hacked data includes information about social security numbers and driver licenses, the report claims. However, there is still ambiguity over whether the hacked data contains financial details or not. T Mobile, as of now, maintains that it is investigating the matter and has not released any official statement about the data breach incident.


Facebook gets a WhatsApp style encryption for its voice & video calls

Image Credits: Flickr

Facebook is all set to roll out encryption feature for its voice and video calls done through its messenger.  However, encryption won’t be installed by default, like in the case of WhatsApp. The users will have to switch on the encryption manually. The social media giant apparently felt the necessity of encryption since over the years it has witnessed drastic rise in number of voice and video calls.


After relentless criticisms, Apple retreats on flagging child abuse content


After facing a barrage of criticism last week from privacy advocates, Apple has decided to step back on how it plans to go about in flagging the child abuse content across its devices. Apple has now said that instead of flagging all the suspicious content, it will censoring only those content that has been flagged in multiple countries. Such has been the criticism of Apple’s latest move, even its own employees backlashed against the move.


Cisco acquires Israeli Startup

Cisco all set to buy AI startup Accompany

IT giant Cisco confirmed on last weekend it has acquired Israeli startup Epsagon. Although CISCO did not shed light on the financial details, sources have claimed that the deal could be worth $500Mn. Epsagon is essentially a application monitoring company.


Twitter is readjusting the contrast on its button

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

Twitter has decided to undo some of the elements of  its just released new design of its website and app. The micro-blogging giant has now said that it is once again changing the contrast colors of its buttons, following scores of complaints from its users. Users complained that new buttons were causing serious strains on their eyes and migration problems.

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