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Guess who wants to buy TikTok.. Activision Blizzard’s ex-CEO

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Guess who wants to buy TikTok.. Activision Blizzard’s ex-CEO

Bobby Kotick, who not long ago was the CEO of Activision Blizzard, is reportedly interested in buying popular short video app TikTok. This report comes amidst talks of a new bill in the American Congress that could potentially force a sale of the app by its current owner, ByteDance.  According to unconfirmed reports, Kotick has already held talks with ByteDance’s leadership. He even reportedly discussed the possibility of buying TikTok with other tech leaders, including OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman. If a sale were to happen, it would likely cost hundreds of billions of dollars, making it a massive acquisition. The TikTok app has become a hot political topic especially US presidential elections approaching in couple of months.


Italy opens probe into OpenAI’s Sora

Italy’s data privacy watchdog has started an official investigation against OpenAI’s new video generation tool, Sora. The Italian Data Protection Authority or DPA is concerned about how Sora might handle user data, particularly personal information. It wants to know how OpenAI trains its algorithm and what type of data it uses, especially if it includes personal details. DPA is also interested in whether Sora complies with European data protection regulations. OpenAI have 20 days to respond to the DPA’s notice. Last year, Italy had become the first country in the world to ban ChatGPT. It later revoked the ban after few months.


Apple retreats against Epic Games, reinstates Epic’s developer account

The logo of Apple INC, Image source:

Apple has decided to take step back against its ongoing tension against Epic Games as it reinstated Epic’s developer account in Europe. This development comes just days after Apple terminated Epic’s developer account, essentially blocking them from developing for iOS devices. This move was seen as a violation of EU’s Digital Markets Act or DMA. However, with Apple taking its step back, Epic Games can now launch their own app store, Epic Games Store, on iPhones and iPads in Europe, which would eventually challenge Apple’s App Store dominance. Overall, this is a welcome move as it paves the way for more competition in the app market on Apple devices within Europe.


Google fires engineer over pro- Palestine slogan

Sundar Pichai Google CEO pic
Image Credits: Flickr Yiddam Quiriarte

In a shocking incident, last week Google fired one of its engineers for interrupting a speech by the head of Google Israel at tech conference in New York. The engineer, whose name has not been identified, interrupted and shouted anti-Israeli slogan to protest against Google’s technological collaboration with Israeli military. He shouted that Google is empowering Israeli military to carry out genocide against innocent Palestine citizens. Google, in response, has said that it was justified in firing its engineer as his action violated the company’s policy, though it did not specify the policy that was violated. Israel has been facing global pressure to stop its ongoing military action against Palestine.


Get ready for Marilyn Monroe’s AI version 

You might be surprised to know that Hollywood’s classic actress Marilyn Monroe is all set to make a comeback. An AI version of Marilyn Monroe, called Digital Marilyn, has just been unveiled by an American company called Soul Machines. The digital Marilyn uses artificial intelligence to interact with fans in real-time. It can respond to your questions and interests, creating a personalized experience. She’ll speak with Marilyn’s iconic breathy voice and utilize her signature gestures. However, the creation of Digital Marilyn has also sparked debate. Some people question the ethics of using AI to recreate a person, especially someone who is no longer alive to give their consent

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