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GreedyGame: Unlock your App’s Growth Potential

Company: GreedyGame

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Funding: Angel Funding

Key Milestones: Works with more than 1,500 publishers & scores of advertisers including some of the top players in the industry.   

Other important information: GreedyGame provides an all-in-one solution for app monetization and user acquisition needs. With 9+ years of expertise in the ad tech ecosystem, GreedyGame has data-backed techniques to help apps and websites scale. Today, GreedyGame is also a Google Channel Partner for monetization and app growth.

With modern consumers well entrenched in the mobile ecosystem, app owners and publishers have been obviously tempted to monetize and increase their user base. However, unlike television and print media, advertising on mobile isn’t all that straight forward and it presents complex challenges. Companies like GreedyGame have been founded solely with the aim to help app developers solve such challenges and create ads that are truly mobile-friendly and also less intrusive for users. 

How does GreedyGame go about achieving success in this daunting mission?

GreedyGame has deployed several well-thought and fruitful techniques and over the years these have become the hallmark of the company. These techniques and services include: 

Expanding user acquisition by discovering the right set of users for the app. 

Using AI-enabled optimization techniques for scaling up app monetization and revenue. GreedyGame offers an all-in-one app monetization and optimization platform, GreedyGame AdX that allows app publishers to have complete control over their inventory. Its optimized and policy-compliant ads bring the highest eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) and fill rates. Their team has worked with Android and iOS, with over a hundred SDK-integrated apps on their platform. 

  • Helping app developers in policy compliance and ensuring that your app revenue isn’t hindered due to non-compliance with Google policies. 
  • Helps optimize your user acquisition strategy. With GreedyGame, you can easily acquire the right users for your app. Use app promotion tools to run campaigns using the CPI (cost per install) or CPR (cost per registration) model. 
  • GreedyGame helps you to optimize ad revenue with its AI-enabled ad revenue optimization tools.
  • Providing 360-degree insights and expert advice to app developers on how to personalize strategies and solutions for better ROI.

Product offerings by GreedyGame

GreedyGame basically offers four products to its clients. Each of these four products has different features but is bonded by a common goal of increasing the app’s monetization.

GreedyGame AdX: GreedyGame helps monetize apps efficiently with AdX. It is an ideal AdMob or AdSense alternative to implementing better ad monetization strategies and data analysis. It helps publishers connect with premium demand partners and direct advertisers to improve fill rates and eCPMs.

  • Find the right demand partners: Connect with Google ad network, premium advertisers, and various third-party programmatic demand.
  • Granular insights and analytics: Use the live reporting feature to analyze past data and make data-driven decisions to ensure maximum ad results.
  • Automate your ad operations: Get support from ad optimization experts and QA analysts to ensure high revenue on your app/website with policy compliance.

GROW: Kickstart your app growth with the self-serve user acquisition platform – GROW. Overcome the challenges of growing apps from scratch. Create productive ad campaigns and reach out to millions of users who are looking for an app like yours. Get targeted installs and acquire non-incentivized users at a nominal cost.

  • Start faster and scale up: Promote your app on lower CPI/ CPA bids and acquire more users within your budget.
  • Reach a global audience: Get quality traffic from 5000+ apps and 300+ affiliates and acquire genuine app users who engage and retain in your app.
  • Control and optimize: Gain 1M+ installs per month and a detailed feedback report on your campaign data to optimize for a lower Cost Per Install.

SDK X: Switch to advance AdMob integration with SDK X. It allows publishers to supercharge their ad revenue with a refined way of integrating AdMob and multiple demand sources with apps. It is a revolutionary ad-serving technology, allowing publishers to integrate AdMob and premium ad networks to optimize their ad revenue and get higher fill rates and eCPM.

  • One-click native ad integration: With dynamic ad templates, you can integrate native ads and go live in minutes without the hassle of designing and testing.
  • Fill your unfilled ad inventory: Make every impression count! Backfill your unfilled requests with other formats and demand partners to maximize fill rates.
  • A/B testing to maximize yield: Test different ad formats, refresh rates, floor prices, placements, and demand partners to make the most out of your ad slots.

Insights: Insights provide a 360-degree overview of your app growth and revenue. It offers a comprehensive dashboard that declutters various data-backed metrics for you to identify the right type of data and quickly identify the user behavior to find how efficient your ROAS(return on ad spend) is.

  • Focused ROAS metrics: Discover focused ROAS metrics to evaluate how well your app is performing to generate revenue and where improvement is needed.
  • Contextual insights: Gain contextual insights into audience behavior and show them more personalized ads to scale better growth on your app.

Why app developers should choose GreedyGame? 

To begin with, GreedyGame is one of the fast-scaling and highly experienced players in the app monetization industry. It precisely has more than 9 years of experience in the industry and during this decade-long experience, it has created a deep network with app/web ad publishers. Today it works with more than 1500 ad publishers and more than 150 ad partners including the who’s who in the industry. Some of the prominent partners that GreedyGame works with include Google, InMobi, Meta, Pubmatic, Smaato, Affle, and others. The company also uses sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence or AI that helps in scaling up user engagement and increasing monetization for developers as well as publishers. 

While the top 1% of app publishers get 80% of all app downloads; GreedyGame helps the other 99%. In short, GreedyGame provides an all-in-one solution for all app monetization and user acquisition needs so that app developers can concentrate on making awesome apps. 

App monetization is a highly competitive industry and despite the ruthless competition GreedyGame has not only stood out but has made a special niche for itself. This decade-old company claims that it is working toward the world that seeks to democratize the app economy and make app development truly sustainable and profitable. GreedyGame’s philosophy is not only well intended but also reflects today’s inherent reality as the world becomes more heavily reliant on mobile apps and games.

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