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Google’s Parent company Alphabet’s Profit remains flat in Q1 of 2022

Here are today top trending stories from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.    


Google’s Parent company Alphabet’s Profit remains flat in Q1 of 2022

Google’s parent company Alphabet has reported relatively weak profit numbers for the first quarters of 2022. Alphabet announced that its quarterly revenue reached $68Bn, an increase of nearly 23% compared to the same quarter last year. But Alphabet’s net profit declined by almost $1Bn, with the company clocking a net profit of $16.4Bn compared to $17.9Bn last year. The tech giant’s unimpressive numbers are seen as an indication that the days of pandemic infused growth are over. Analysts also blamed the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war for the tech giant’s unimpressive numbers.


Trump says he won’t return to Twitter even if Musk reinstates his account

US President, Donald Trump…Image Source: Flickr

Ever since Twitter agreed to Elon Musk’s takeover deal, there have been rumors that Former President Donald Trump might make a comeback on Twitter. But Trump has denied these rumors. Talking to Fox News, the former president said that he won’t return to the popular microblogging platform. Rather he will stick to his recently debuted social media app Truth Social. Trump claimed that Twitter has become a rather boring place. The former president also said that he will start actively participating on the Truth Social app in coming weeks.


Nike’s NFT sneakers are selling like hot cakes

Nike just do it

Metaverse is still a couple of years away from becoming a mainstream platform. But big companies like Nike have already started taking a big bet on this futuristic technology. The popular sports apparel company is currently selling its digital sneakers in the metaverse platform. According to media reports, Nike’s digital sneakers are being sold for $8000. In fact, some digital sneakers are being reportedly sold for as high as $13,3000. But mind you, buyers are obviously buying these digital sneakers by using cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Notably, usually you can use only cryptocurrency for buying anything on the Metaverse platform.


Taliban bans TikTok in Afghanistan

Taliban has officially banned the video sharing app TikTok in Afghanistan. It claimed that the TikTok app was having a bad impact on the country’s youth. By the way, Taliban has also banned popular video game PUBG. These decisions are least surprising considering that Taliban has always considered music, movies or any form of modern entertainment as ‘strictly unislamic.’ Ever since coming into power in Afghanistan last year, the conservative Islamic body has already banned movies and music in the country.


Tesla losses $126Bn in market valuation following Elon Musk-Twitter deal

Tesla’s stocks sharply declined on Tuesday in the American market, losing a whopping $126Bn in market valuation. Tesla’s investors were apparently spooked by the fact that Musk might have to sell Tesla stock for arranging partial funds to buy Tesla. If Musk does sell Tesla shares, his stake in the company will further come down. Currently, the tech billionaire owns nearly 17% stake in the electric vehicle company. Musk may be the richest man in the world but most of his wealth consists of stock-holding in companies like Tesla and SpaceX. This means Musk will have to liquidate these stock-holdings if he has to arrange funds for buying Twitter.

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