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Google’s parent company Alphabet breaches $2 Trillion Valuation (for brief period) – Top Tech News

Here are top trending news from the world of technology


Google’s parent company Alphabet breaches $2 Trillion Valuation (for brief period)


Google’s parent company Alphabet INC’s valuation surpassed $2 trillion for a brief time during Monday’s intraday trading. Alphabet’s shares soared high during Monday’s trading to take its valuation well above $2 trillion. However, the company could not sustain this valuation as its shares dropped to close at $2,987 per share. The brief bump up in company’s shares comes on account of good quarterly numbers. In the third quarter of the ongoing financial year, Google announced that it earned a hefty $65 Bn (Click here)        


Robinhood hit by a massive data breach

American financial services giant Robinhood has said that it has been hit by a massive data breach. The data breach has led to a unknown third party company getting an unsolicited access to the e-mail address of nearly 5 Mn Robinhood customers. However, the free-broker platform said that it is almost confident that the financial details of the customers have not been exposed (Click here).      


Bitcoin & Ethereum have touched record highs

The prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum touched a new all-time high price of $67,700 and $4800 respectively on Monday. For Bitcoin, the new record high has come just three 3 weeks after its price was lurking just below $67,000. Meanwhile, the overall capitalization of the crypto market has topped $3 trillion.    


Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition software

Facebook announced on Tuesday it is all set to pull the plug on facial recognition software, which earlier had been accused of supporting social discrimination. The company also said that it will delete all the data that was deleted till date by the software. This decision comes amid the intense scrutiny that Facebook has been subjected during last few weeks. (Click here).   


Amazon will be adding PayPal’s Venmo checkout option next year  

Logo of Amazon

Amazon’s U.S customers will soon able to make their payment through PayPal’s Venmo. PayPal said that Amazon will add Venmo checkout option on its website and mobile app next year. However, currently this partnership is restricted only to the U.S market (Click here)  

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