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Google’s DeepMind working on ChatGPT alternative called ‘Gemini’

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Google’s DeepMind working on ChatGPT alternative called ‘Gemini’


DeepMind, a Google owned AI Research lab, is at present supposedly working on a chatbot project called Gemini. Gemini, according to DeepMind, will not only rival ChatGPT but will even better it. Although the company hasn’t clarified when it exactly plans to launch Gemini, Google’s top management is believed to be taking personal interest in this project. Unnerved by Bard’s failure, Google wants to make sure that Gemini competes well with ChatGPT as and when it is released. The Gemini project is based on DeepMind’s indigenous computer program called AlphaGo, which combines advanced search tree with deep neural networks.


Telegram to launch Stories next month  

Telegram’s founder & CEO Pavel Durvo announced on Monday that the instant messaging platform will be launching Stories early next month. Telegram’s Stories will be very much similar to the stories on other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. For example, it will allow users to share photos and videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours. Users will also have the option to add captions and links to their stories. They will also have the option to tag other people and add photos and videos taken by the front and read camera. Although Telegram has been pretty late in adding this feature, it is expected to attract more users on the platform.


Meta rolls out VR Subscription Service at $7.99 a Month

Meta on Monday announced virtual reality subscription service called Meta Quest+. The service costs $7.99 per month or $59.99 per year, and it gives subscribers access to two hand-picked VR titles every month. This service will be compatible with the Quest 2, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3. However, the subscription service is currently available in limited countries including United States, Canada, U.K. Meta also reportedly plans to add more games to the service on a regular basis. Users can sign for a free trail that is available for 14 days.


U.S Congress is limiting the use of AI Tools like ChatGPT

bing chat vs chatgpt

According to report published in Axios, House of Representatives administrative chief Catherine Szpindor has issued a memo asking the staff in congressional offices to limit the use of ChatGPT. According to this memo, ChatGPT and other similar AI tools can only be used for “research and non-substantive purposes.” This means that they cannot use these models to generate official documents, write speeches, or respond to constituent inquiries. The memo cites the risk of inaccurate or misleading information, lack of transparency and fear of bias as the main reason for imposing the restrictions. These restrictions have come amid growing demand that there should be proper regulation in place for regulating AI.


Lithium-ion Battery Creator John Goodenough Passes away at 100

John Goodenough, the scientist who co-invented the lithium-ion battery, has died at the age 100. Although many may have never really heard his name, he is actually responsible for making laptops, cell phones and electric vehicles a practical reality. Today all these devices are powered by lithium-ion battery. They even power electric vehicles like Tesla. Goodenough’s death is undeniably a major loss for the global scientific community. Born in Germany, he studied chemistry at the University of Chicago, and then went on to earn a PhD in physics from the University of Oxford.

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