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Google updates Android with AI Created Image Description & Animations for voice messages

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Google updates Android with AI Created Image Description & Animations for voice messages


Google has just released updates for Android, Wear OS and Google devices. These updates bring slew of new features to associated gadgets. However, everyone seems to be particularly hooked to latest update rolled out to Google Messages for Android that has brought a new beta feature, allowing users to add a unique background and animated emoji to voice messages. Google has named this feature ‘Voice Moods.’ Additionally, Google is adding an interesting feature to Android that offers AI generated image descriptions for those suffering from low vision problem. This new feature, which will be called TalkBack feature, will read the descriptions aloud of any image that has been sourced from internet or still photos taken by the users.


Elon musk delivers Tesla’s first Cybertruck to the Customer

After multiple delays and mishaps, Tesla has finally delivered its first ever Cybertruck to a customer at a special delivery event that was held in Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas. The event was hosted by Elon Musk himself. Although Tesla may have delivered its first ever Cybertruck, the vehicle is expected to be available for sale in the US only in the first half of 2024. The price of Cybertruck’s basic model will start from $60,990 while top of the line model will cost around $99,990. The cheapest rear-wheel drive model won’t be available until 2025. First unveiled in 2019, Cybertruck caught everyone’s imagination with its bold, and futuristic design.


Google to kill unused Gmail accounts from 1st December

As of December 1, 2023, Google will begin deleting inactive Gmail accounts that have not been used in two years. If you have never signed into your Gmail account in last two years then your account will be certainly deleted including all the data associated with it, which could include photos and even important documents. Google is taking this step to free up storage space and improve the performance of its services. If your Gmail account has been inactive for a long time and you don’t want Google to delete it then it is highly recommended that you sign in into your account immediately and start using it. Google had announced about permanently deleting non-active Gmail accounts in this year May itself.


Happy Birthday ChatGPT. OpenAI’s Chatbot celebrates its first anniversary  

On 30th November Open AI’s chatbot ChatGPT celebrated its first birthday anniversary. It was exactly a year ago that ChatGPT was officially launched to users across the world, which eventually introduced the world to generative AI and unleashed the AI revolution. However, the celebration of ChatGPT’s first anniversary was a highly muted affair mainly due to the recent controversial events at OpenAI following Sam Altman’s dramatic sacking. Today OpenAI claims that ChatGPT is used by nearly 80% of fortune 500 companies and boost nearly 100 million weekly users.

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