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Google Strikes on of the biggest Real Estate Deals in Post-Pandemic Era – Top Trending News


Google plans to purchase New York Office Building for $2.1 Bn

Image Credits: Flickr Saville

Google announced on Tuesday that it plans to buy the New York office building for whopping $2.1 Bn. The search engine giant currently uses the building on lease basis. This is the most expensive real estate deal for any single US building since the inception of pandemic. This expensive real estate deal has come at a time when Google has already postponed its return to office date (Click here)


Facebook claims to have spent $13 Bn on safety and security

Image Credits: Flickr Prachatai

Facebook on Tuesday said that it has spent more than $13 Bn to make its platform safe and secure for all its users. This announcement has come barely days after scathing articles in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) claiming that Facebook has become a breeding ground for drug cartels and human traffickers. In another article, WSJ accused that Facebook owned Instagram was causing severe depression among the teen population . (Click Here)


Amazon doles out free cars and cash rewards to vaccinated employees

Logo of Amazon

Amazon has disclosed that it has given free cars and cash rewards worth $100,000 to handful of vaccinated employees working in its warehouse and Whole Foods section. This is part of its ongoing  Max your Vax program that seeks to encourage its employees to get jab. Scores of American citizens are still to get vaccinated despite the government’s massive push (Click here)


Netflix is on the verge to make its biggest acquisition

Netflix is not known for making aggressive acquisitions. The streaming giant has made only handful of acquisitions in the last one decade. But now the streaming is reportedly closing in on a deal that is likely to go down as one of its costliest acquisitions till date. According to reports, Netflix is teasingly close to acquire the entire catalogue of the late British novelist Roald Dahl. This acquisition will obviously give Netflix an exclusive licensing right to make movies on Dahl’s popular novels. More importantly, it will help in fighting off Disney Plus and other streaming competition (Click here)


Zoom’s $14.7 Bn acquisition of Five9 comes under scanner because of security issue

Earlier this year, the video conferencing giant Zoom had announced the acquisition of cloud contact software company Five9 with lot of fanfare. But this high-profile acquisition is now been reviewed by the US committee on security grounds (Click here)

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