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Google Search now allows you to check image’s origins & Meta data

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Google Search now allows you to check image’s origins & Meta data

To fight disinformation and fake image problem, Google is rolling out its new “About this Image” tool. This new tool will provide all the important background information about the image in Google search. This includes information like the original source of the image, the metadata as well as how image has been described by news and fact-checking sites over the time. All these vital information will help users in verifying many important things. For instance, people can verify when was the image first indexed by Google and whether the image is AI generated or not. You can the access this tool by clicking the three-dot menu that appears in Search and Google Image results.


Lenovo and Nvidia launches ‘Hybrid AI solutions’ for faster adoption of Generative AI

Lenovo and Nvidia recently unveiled new hybrid AI solutions to help firms adopt generative AI in much easy and hassle-free way. The solutions include portfolio of accelerated systems, AI software, and expert services. Both companies said that building and deploying generative AI solutions is immensely challenging especially for small businesses. However, they claimed that its hybrid solution will help these small businesses in overcoming these challenges and deploying generative AI solutions without putting much strain on their resources. Lenovo and Nvidia can prove to be a perfect partner for this collaboration as they can both leverage their long expertise and experience in the computing hardware world.          


Amazon’s new AI Tool lets you create a nice Background for your Products  

E commerce giant Amazon is currently beta testing an AI tool that will help sellers to create a nice lifestyle background for their products. The company claims that thanks to this AI tool, sellers can create a nice attractive background without needing much technical and designing expertise. Besides, they won’t have to invest lot of time and efforts. Until now Amazon sellers who did not have the resources to generate a nice background imagery would settle for a boring and standalone white background. The company claims that inserting an attractive lifestyle background can help product ads in increasing their click-through-rates by as much as 40%.


X finally starts rolling out the audio and video calling feature           

X has finally started rolling out the audio and video calling feature on its platform. The feature is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows PC, and it can be used to make and receive calls without a phone number. To access this feature, you simply need to open a Direct Message with the person you want to call and tap the phone icon in the top right corner.  The rollout of the calling feature is still in progress, so it may not be available to all users yet. This latest feature is yet another step in X’s journey to transform into ‘everything app’ that Elon Musk has often talked about in the recent past.


Google may soon reveal new AI Tool called “Stubbs” on Google Market Suite

According to unconfirmed and leaked reports, Google may soon launch a new AI tool called “Stubbs.” Stubbs has been basically built to bring an AI app revolution, allowing users to build and launch their own AI apps directly from Google Market Suite. This means pretty soon even people without special coding skills can also easily launch their AI apps, all thanks to Stubbs. However, Google so far has refused to confirm whether such a AI tool is under development. But if there is any truth to this news then soon it will become easier to prototype and test your AI ideas.

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