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Google Photos is done with Unlimited Photos Storage – Top Trending News


Google Photos is done with Unlimited Photos Storage

Google building
Photo of Google Building, Image Credits: Flickr Niharb

After five long years of offering unlimited storage for photos at high quality resolution, Google Photos has decided to turn itself into paid subscription services. But this news is not all that bad since users will have to pay the charges only when they cross 15 GB limit cap. In another good news (well sort of), the rule of 15 GB cap will start from 1st June, 2021. This means that photos that are uploaded before 1st June, 2021 will not be counted against the 15 GB cap. While the decision of ending the free unlimited storage won’t  go down well with the users of Google Photos, Google argues that its 15 GB cap is still generous as compared to its rival Apple’s iCloud.


In a rare event, Youtube faced a global outage

Couple hours back, Youtube faced a worldwide outage that lasted for approximately an hour. During the hour-long outage, Youtube users were unable to download the videos. The outage even impacted other services that are dependent on Youtube infrastructure including Youtube TV.  The Google-owned streaming giant confirmed the news about the global outage on its official Twitter handle. However, the outage was fixed almost an hour later and Youtube confirmed the same on its official Twitter handle.


TikTok has a new star – Bunny – the talking dog

Over the years the video-sharing app TikTok has given rise to many sensational stars. Thanks to this app people are able to exhibit and share their unique talent with the entire world. However, Bunny is sort of a unique TikTok star.  His talent has to do with talking, which is a very basic human skill. But the thing is Bunny isn’t human, he is a dog. To be more precise, he is a talking dog…to know more click here


Here is an extension that will take you back to the earliest days of Google Search….

Do you really want to know how it was searching on Google almost two decades back, when Google wasn’t really called the search giant? Well, if this fact has already triggered a curiosity then get ready to download the extension called ‘Simple Search.’ True to its name, this extension is all about simplifying search and removing all the clutters that you often see today while searching on Google…To know more click here


India puts streaming channels under government supervision

Soon all the digital content in India will be regulated and supervised by the Indian government. This means that all the contents on Netflix, Disney + Hotstar and other streaming channels will soon be regulated. But regulating guidelines have not been released yet but Indian government is expected to issue them anytime soon.


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