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Google I/O 2024 will take place on May 14th

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Google I/O 2024 will take place on May 14th

Google on Thursday announced that its annual I/O event will be held on May 14. Google I/O is an annual event where Google showcases its latest advancements in software development, hardware devices & AI. At this year’s event, the tech giant is expected to give some big updates on Android 15 and may even launch the Pixel 8a smartphone. We can also expect some big announcement about some of Google’s upcoming AI technology. Over all, Google fans have some good reasons to be excited about this year’s I/O event. To know more information and register for the online event, you can visit the Google I/O’s official website.


Elon Musk’s Starship hits key milestone in its latest test flight

SpaceX’s Starship, which is the world’s most powerful rocket, achieved some key milestones in its latest test flight that took place on March 14th. This time it reached a higher altitude and completed a more complex flight path than all the previous attempts. While the upper stage ultimately didn’t complete a full re-entry, it did travel farther than ever before. This successful test flight brings SpaceX closer to its goal of using Starship for deep space exploration, including its ultimate missions to take humans to Mars. Elon Musk was clearly seemed to be pleased with the lates test flight performance. Barely hours after the test, Musk tweeted that Starship will take humanity to Mars.


Apple buys Canadian AI startup DarwinAI

Apple reportedly purchased the Canadian AI startup, DarwinAI, earlier this year. The financial details of the deal are still not known. DarwinAI specializes in utilizing AI for visual inspection during manufacturing processes. This acquisition clearly suggests Apple’s ambition to compete more effectively with other tech giants like Google and Microsoft in the field of AI. It also hints at potential new features in upcoming Apple products that leverage AI technology. Some sources claim that Apple could use DarwinAI’s native technology in the upcoming iOS 18 updates. Overall, we could expect some big and major AI announcements by Apple in the coming months.


Open-Source AI startup ‘Mistral AI’ onboards a new investor – Databricks

Paris based open-source AI startup Mistral AI on Thursday announced that it has received more funds from a new investor as part of the Series A round. The new investor is data infrastructure company Databricks, which has invested undisclosed amount in this round. Both companies have also announced a strategic partnership. Under this partnership, Databricks will bring more Mistral LLMs to its data intelligence platform. Mistral AI has been on a fund-raising spree, even attracting funds from big tech company like Microsoft. Thanks to these high-profile funding rounds and its powerful open source LLMs, Mistral AI has become the most prominent AI startup in Europe.


Anthropic publicly releases Claude 3 Haiku

Anthropic, an AI safety and research company that is backed by the likes of Google and Amazon, has announced its newest AI model, Claude 3 Haiku. The company claims that Haiku prioritizes faster processing compared to similar models, making it suitable for real-time applications. Additionally, it boasts a more cost-effective structure. This new AI model could be potentially used for several applications and tasks including customer support, content Moderation and data processing. Compared to its peers, Claude 3 Haiku is reportedly three times faster than its competitors for most workloads. Not only this. It is significantly more affordable than other models with similar capabilities. Overall, Claude 3 Haiku’s introduction signifies great advancements in AI technology.

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