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Google DeepMind’s cofounder will lead Microsoft’s Copilot Team

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Google DeepMind’s cofounder will lead Microsoft’s Copilot Team

Image source: Bloomberg

Microsoft has just landed a big fish to lead its Copilot team. The tech giant has announced that it has hired Mustafa Suleyman, who co-founded both DeepMind and Inflection AI. Suleyman will lead a newly formed division at Microsoft called Microsoft AI, specifically focused on consumer-facing AI products like Copilot. He is likely to oversee projects like integrating AI Copilot into Windows and potentially adding conversational features to the Bing search engine. Suleyman will directly report to Micorosoft’s CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella. This move is seen as a strategic step for Microsoft to compete more effectively with Google in the consumer AI market.


Meta, at last, rolls out Trending Topics on ‘Threads’

Trending topics is one of the main features of X, formerly known as Twitter, and you will get to enjoy the same feature on Meta’s Threads. Meta on Tuesday announced that it will be rolling out ‘trending topic’ like feature on its Twitter like platform. The feature is called “Trending Now” and appears in two places within the Threads app: the search bar and the For You feed. As of now, it’s only available to users in the United States. Meta said that it will be using AI to identify trending topics based on user engagement within the app. However, it will be displaying only five trending topics at a time. Overall, this feature brings Threads closer to its competitor, Twitter, which has had trending topics for a long time.


Sam Altman says GPT-4 sucks, gives hint about GPT-5

In one of its latest interviews, OpenAI’s Sam Altman surprisingly undermined GPT 4’s capabilities. He, in fact, went on to say that GPT 4 “kind of sucks” as it didn’t exactly live up to public’s expectations. Altman also dropped some hint about GPT-5. He claimed that GPT-5 will be “better across the board” and hinted at its “increased intelligence.” There’s speculation it might be a “multimodal” AI, able to handle different data types like text and images. Overall, the information about GPT-5 is scarce right now, including about its launch date. It could release later this year or probably early next year.


Saudi Arabia is working on $40 Bn AI funding  


Saudi Arabia’s government is reportedly creating a $40 billion fund dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). This could make the middle eastern country the world’s largest investor in AI. The Saudi Arbian government is considering partnering with Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz to manage the fund. The funds are likely to be directed towards supporting various AI startups, including chipmakers and data center companies. The launch of the fund is expected in the latter half of 2024, so it’s still in the planning stages. This is a significant development that could potentially reshape the global AI industry.


Google DeepMind launches AI tool for Football Coaches

Google DeepMind is literally getting into football pitch. The AI company owned by Google has just launched an AI tool called TacticAI, which is an AI system that is designed to assist coaches with football tactics, particularly corner kicks. TacticAI is trained on a massive dataset of past corner kicks, including player positions, velocities, and game outcomes. This data helps it predict the most likely receiver of the ball and the likelihood of a shot on goal. However, it should be noted that this AI tool is still in research and development phase and, therefore, it is still not clear when Google DeepMind will launch this tool.

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