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Google Bans Zoom app – Top Trending News


Google bans employees from using Zoom app

Trouble is mounting for the Zoom app, the popular video conferencing app that has taken the world by storm during the COVID 19 lockdown.  After SpaceX, Google has now banned the use of Zoom app for its employees, according to several media reports that was first published in BuzzFeed News. This means that henceforth Google’s employees cannot use Zoom app on the machines and software provided by the company. Not surprisingly, the tech giant has cited security reason for the ban.


Disney Plus has now more than 50 Mn subscribers across the world

Disney’s streaming business is now growing in leaps and bounce, with Disney Plus’ latest global subscriber numbers surpassing more than 50 Mn. This is significantly up from 22 Mn since the last time company revealed the global subscriber numbers during February this year. The upsurge in subscriber numbers can be attributed to Disney Plus’ recent launch in several international markets. But Disney is still far away from Netflix, which boosts almost $165 Mn subscribers across the world.


Airbnb’s latest features are aimed at longer term stays

Image Credits: Airbnb Facebook Profile Pic

Barely hours after raising $1 Bn in latest funding round, Airbnb has now rolled out slew of new features and also tweaked its landing page. These new features and tweak in the landing page is essentially aimed to encourage Airbnb’s guests for longer stays. In fact, the company is going to use significant amount from the latest funding to expand the segment of long-term stays.


Google’s Hangouts will no longer be known as Hangouts

Remember Hangouts, Google’s much hyped up messaging and video conferencing services that failed to connect with the customers. Well, keeping aside all that, the latest update is that Google’s Hangouts has a new name. Now Google’s Hangouts will be known as just ‘Google Meet.’ The news has been confirmed by Google. Now it is to be seen whether this name change will bring any luck for Hangouts.


NASA has a new vendor to deliver cargo to moon in 2022

NASA has chosen a new vendor partner to transport cargo on its behalf on the Moon. This new vendor partner is Mojave’s Masten Space Systems, which will transport in all eight payloads to moon’s south pole in 2022. These payloads also includes non-science and tech instruments.   

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