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Google adds major security update in Pixel 4 – Top Trending news

Here are top 5 happening news from the world of technology


Google adds major security update in Pixel 4 with ‘eyes open’ feature  

Image Courtesy: The-Verge, Vjeran Pavic.

Google has finally blinked as it brings long-awaited security update for Pixel 4, requiring users to have their eyes open when activating face unlock to open the phone.  Since the launch Pixel 4 has been facing a barrage of criticism for lacking this security feature, especially since iPhone X has this security feature. The ‘eye open’ feature will be a default feature but users can deactivate it in the Pixel 4’s face unlock settings. This new security feature will not allow anyone to open your Pixel 4 phone while you’re asleep.


Airbnb raises $1 Bn in fresh funding amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak may have seriously dented Airbnb’s business but that hasn’t stopped investors from reposing their faith on the hospitality major. The company said on Monday that it has secured $1Bn fresh funding from private equity firms Sliver Lake and Sixth Street Partners. Financial details of the fundraising deal were not shared and it is not clear yet whether the latest fundraising will have any major impact on company’s upcoming IPO plan.   


Boeing to re-fly Straliner Capsule Mission, following partial failure of original mission

Image source: Techcrunch

Boeing has confirmed, without mincing any words, that it will re-fly the Straliner Capsule orbital flight test. Many had already suspected that Boeing will indeed go for a second attempt. The aerospace giant said that the second flight mission will be flown at the company cost, implying it will not bear any pressure on the tax payer’s money. With the second mission, the company is hoping to fulfill all the objectives that were supposed to be fulfilled by the inaugural flight.


CBS Courtroom Drama to use Zoom app for special COVID-19 episode

Zoom app may be facing lot of flaks for security issues but popular CBS Courtroom Drama ‘All Rise’ will be using this app for shooting a virtual episode revolving around COVID-19  pandemic.  The producers will be leveraging the power of Zoom and other apps to shoot footages in actor’s home and invariably ensure that their series continues while practicing social distancing.


Disney all set to release a new home made Frozen Short series

Lockdown may have bored your kids to death.  But worry not, Disney is all set to release a new Frozen Short series on their official Youtube channel. The details are currently bit sketchy  as it is not known how many episodes will Disney will make for this new series. But Disney Animation’s tweet featuring the 40-second short has received phenomenal response from its die-hard fans.  


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