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With eye on Smartphone Business, Google Acquires U.K. Based Startup Redux: Report

Google Acquires U.K. Based Startup Redux.

Alphabet Inc’s flagship company Google has reportedly acquired a UK based startup that will probably revolutionize the way we listen to music on our smartphones.  This startup is known as “Redux” and it has created a technology that can automatically turn smartphone screen into a speaker. If this technology does become a commercial success, it will relive the users from the pain of connecting external speakers to their smartphones.

Google is yet to officially confirm the acquisition, but the confirmation is expected anytime soon. There are also several unconfirmed reports circulating in the media that the acquisition was completed in last year’s December. In fact  Crunchbase, a Techcrunch website that keeps track of startups, claims that the acquisition process was completed in last year’s August. We could not find any information about the same on Redux’s official website as the site has been closed down. The exact reason for the site’s shutdown is not known.

This little known UK based startup is led by tech veterans Nedko Ivanov, John Kavanagh and David Gammie. All three have honed their tech skills by working in big names like IBM, CapGemini and Deloitte.

Meanwhile, Google keeps acquiring promising start-ups in all its primary business areas, including mobile business, in a bid to stay ahead of all its competitors. Last year, Google’s high profile acquisition of HTC’s mobile business was certainly done to move ahead of Apple and Samsung – two of its fiercest rivals – in the highly lucrative mobile business.

There might be every possibility that Google may capitalize on the expertise of HTC’s engineers to integrate Redux’s breakthrough technology into its recently launched Pixel 2 and Moto phones. Industry experts claim that if there is any truth to this acquisition story and Redux’s technology is indeed powerful enough, Google won’t leave any stone unturned to capitalize on it for growing its mobile business.

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