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Gemini Pro now available to Developers & Enterprises on Google Cloud and AI Studio

Here are top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Gemini Pro now available to Developers & Enterprises on Google Cloud and AI Studio

Google has just launched Gemini Pro to for developers and enterprises. This moves comes barely weeks after the search behemoth launched Gemini, its flagship multimodal AI model. Gemini Pro will be made available via Gemini API in the company’s free web-based developer tool while enterprises will get to access it through Google Cloud’s fully managed AI platform Vertex AI. Developers will also have an option to transition their AI studio code to Vertex AI for enjoying more customization and other Google Cloud features. Google also said that Gemini Pro Vision will also be soon integrated to AI Studio and Vertex AI. Developers will get a free access to Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision with up to 60 requests per minute.


Google debuts ‘Imagen 2’ and healthcare focused AI model ‘MedLM’

Apart from making Gemini Pro available to developers, Google announced two more exciting new AI models: Imagen 2 and MedLM. Imagen 2 is the second generation of Google’s Imagen text-to-image AI model. It boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor, including higher quality images and text rendering in multiple languages. Imagen 2 is currently available to Google Cloud customers on Vertex AI who have been approved for access. MedLM, on other hand, is a new AI model for medical language understanding. It is trained on a massive dataset of medical text and code, and can be used for a variety of medical oriented tasks. MedLM is still under development, but Google has released a research paper describing the model and its capabilities.


Xbox Cloud Gaming now available on Meta Quest headsets


There is a fantastic news for gamers who enjoy both Xbox and VR!  Starting today, Xbox Cloud Gaming is officially available on Meta Quest headsets, including Quest 2, 3, and Pro. This means you can now stream hundreds of Xbox games directly to your VR headset, no console required. To get started, you need to set up few things, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and compatible controller. You will also need to download the Xbox Cloud Gaming app from the Meta Quest store. The app is currently in beta, but it already offers a smooth and immersive gaming experience.


Instagram Notes now allows you to add two-second looping videos

Instagram Notes just got a whole lot more dynamic with the addition of two-second looping videos. This new feature allows you to add a short, eye-catching clip to your Notes, alongside your usual text and emoji. Instagram users can use this feature for number of exciting things including sharing quick mood and update, teasing about upcoming events, starting a conversation with someone and much more. Overall, the addition of video Notes is a fun and engaging way to express yourself on Instagram. Apart from video note feature, the photo sharing platform has also released slew of new tools that makes it easier to remove spammy followers from your account.


OpenAI inks deal with ‘Axel Springer’ – one of Europe’s largest media companies

OpenAI, the research company behind ChatGPT, has announced a new partnership with Axel Springer, one of Europe’s largest media companies. The deal is designed to “strengthen independent journalism in the age of artificial intelligence,” according to a statement from OpenAI. Under the terms of the agreement, Axel Springer will provide OpenAI with access to its vast library of news articles, which will be used to train OpenAI’s language models. In return, OpenAI will provide Axel Springer with access to its latest AI technologies, such as ChatGPT. Among other things, this partnership can improve the quality of AI-generated news content.

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