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Four Reasons Your App Isn’t Selling

So you’ve made an app. You’ve put the hard work in during the early developmental stages, and now you’ve managed to design and build an app that you’re really proud of. The only problem is that nobody seems to be buying it, and you can’t figure out why. Here are four common reasons why an app doesn’t sell well, as well as tips for how you can boost your app sales.

1. Your Price Is Too High

Ask anybody who uses a lot of apps, and they’ll tell you that they’re often put off paying anything for an app, let alone a hefty fee. People are often reluctant to download apps if they have to pay for them, even if the charge is under a dollar. There are probably similar apps on the app store, and why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

The best way to counter this problem is to simply offer the app free of charge. You can include ads to make sure you’re earning money from your product, and you could consider a premium version for which people pay either a one-off charge or a monthly cost, giving them access to better features and getting rid of the ads.

Make the payment optional, and you’ll probably earn more money in the long term.

2. You’re Not Marketing It Properly

Whether you’re new to app development or are an expert in the field, convincing people to buy an app isn’t always easy. That’s because developing a great app isn’t enough: you also need to market it.

Make sure you are marketing your app sensibly and targeting the right customers. If you don’t know much about marketing, consider using professionals like yellowHEAD marketing agency to help optimize your search engine and app store results and improve your user acquisition.

3. Your App Has Bugs and Glitches

One of the main reasons that start-ups fail is because they have poor execution, and the same is true of apps. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tested and tweaked your app; you will always come across bugs, glitches, and mistakes that make your app function poorly.

Once your app has started to glitch, people will leave negative reviews, and this will put other people off buying your app.

The solution is simple: have tech support on hand constantly to fix any issues as soon as they crop up. That way, you’ll be able to iron out any bugs as soon as they appear, reducing your risk of bad reviews and improving your chances of more downloads.

4. Your App Needs Redeveloping

It’s unfortunate but it’s true: sometimes, apps are just unpopular. One of the key ingredients of any tech success story is luck, and that isn’t something you can plan for.

If you’ve ironed out all the bugs, marketed your app carefully and thoughtfully, offered it for free, and people still aren’t downloading it, maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Consider asking friends and family for honest feedback on your app to figure out why people aren’t interested. It might be a good idea at the wrong time, or perhaps you’ve solved a problem that didn’t need solving.

With these four reasons considered, you should be closer to figuring out why your new app isn’t performing well, and crucially, what you need to do to improve things and boost sales and downloads. The app market is one that is highly saturated, so it’s going to take something really special to break through if you’re not a big brand. Use these tips to guide your development, and you should have more chances of being a success.

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