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Facebook’s top crypto executive is quitting the company – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology….


Facebook’s top crypto executives is quitting the company

Image Credits: Flickr Libra-cryptocurrency

David Marcus, the man who was responsible for spearheading Facebook’s (now known as Meta), crypto project, announced on Monday that he is quitting the company by end of this year. Marcus’s departure will be coming at a time when Facebook’s ambitious crypto project Libra is not making much progress. More importantly, Facebook is currently going through critical in the wake of relentless scrutiny by the U.S. congress  (Click here).


Google to ban political ads in Philippines


Google announced on Wednesday that it won’t accept any political ads during the Philippines election that is scheduled for the next year. The decision comes in the aftermath of Google and social media giant Facebook facing severe allegations of being politically biased. (Click here).


Twitter will remove images & Videos (without consent)

Twitter announced on Tuesday a new rule that will stop users from using private images of other people without their consent. Under the new rule, people whose photos and videos have been shared without their consent can request Twitter to take them down (Click here).


Twitch rolls out machine learning tool to catch channel ban evaders

Image Credits: Flickr Trade Group Follow

The live e-commerce streaming platform Twitch, which is owned by Amazon Inc, will be launching a new tool empowered by machine learning (ML). This new tool will detect unauthorized users who have been banned from using the Twitch channels (Click here).


UK told Facebook to sell Giphy – a company that Facebook acquired last year for $400 Mn

Image Source: Flickr

UK’s competition watchdog has told Facebook to sell Giphy – a U.K based company that Facebook acquired for around $400 Mn. This is Britain’s first big decision against the so call big tech companies in an attempt to bolster the regulation of the company (Click here).

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