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Facebook’s Employees want Zuckerberg to take Tough Stance against Trump – Top Trending News


Facebook’s Employees want Zuckerberg to take Tough Stance against Trump    

Image Credits: Flickr Curt Johnson

Mark Zuckerberg is facing heat from its employees over how today Facebook is being perceived across the world, according to The Verge, which has claimed that it has accessed Facebook’s internal audios. In a very long article, The Verge has claimed that Facebook’s employees have been pressurizing Zuckerberg to be less biased towards Trump administration. However, paying heeds to employee demand would mean loss of business for Facebook especially because most of its users are reportedly pro-Trump. To know more, click here.


Shopify gets hit by Data Breach, thanks to its two Rogue Employees

Shopify logo
Image Credit: Flickr Open Grid Scheduler

B2B e-commerce giant Shopify has confirmed that it has been hit by a data breach and the data of less than 200 merchants and 1.3 Mn customers have been compromised. However, the Canadian based firm has added in its official blog post that its financial data has remained completely unaffected. Just like in the case of Twitter, Shopify’s data breach was carried out by its two internal employees, who now have been fired from the company. To know more about this data breach fiasco, please click here.


In the last Ditch Effort, TikTok files an Injection against its Impending ban

Image Credit: Flickr Block Inspect

In a matter of few days, the TikTok app will be officially banned in the U.S. However, TikTok’s parent Chinese company ByteDance isn’t quitting the ongoing battle against the Trump administration, which has labeled TikTok as a national threat to America. ByteDance seems to be buoyed by the victory of WeChat, which successfully got an injection from the U.S. federal court against its ban. To know more, click here.


Now Google Maps Pitches in to Protect you against Coronavirus

Google Maps has now joined the bandwagon of helping the world in its ongoing fight against Coronavirus. Google Maps announced on Wednesday that it will be adding the COVID-19 layer to its map to help customers better understand the concentration of COVID patients in the given area.


Wikipedia is getting a makeover, Brace for a New Look
Image source: Flickr

Wikipedia has been undeniably an integral part of our web culture for almost two decades. So much so that today Wikipedia is almost synonymous with the internet, just like Google is. Now this immensely online platform is about to get a makeover, first time in almost a decade. Wikipedia will now have a new look to make itself more user-friendly. However, it is not known whether Wikipedia’s new look will be available in selected countries or across all markets.


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