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Facebook Users may soon be able to Cross-post their posts on Instagram – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…


Facebook is pilot-testing new feature for cross-posting Facebook feed posts to Instagram  

Image Credits: Flickr

Facebook already allows its users to cross-post their Instagram Stories and Reels on their Facebook Wall. Now the social media giant is busy testing a new feature that will reverse this direction. In other words, now users can cross-post their Facebook posts on Instagram. Notably, this will also include photos and videos. Facebook is testing this new feature at a time when Instagram is trying hard to maintain its popularity among young users amid increasing competition from the likes of TikTok (Click here).


Alibaba launches new server chip to challenge Amazon and Microsoft  

Alibaba makes additional $2 billion investment in Lazada.

Alibaba has just launched a new home grown server chip in a bid to fend off increasing competition from Microsoft and Amazon. This new processor chip is called Yitian 710 and will go into new servers called Panju. According to reports, these server chips will be designed for artificial intelligence applications and storage. Notably, Alibaba’s cloud computing business saw a slower growth in the June quarter after having lost one of its major clients


New Study finds most Android users collect astonishing amount of users data (without consent)

Micromax to launch India’s first Android Oreo Go-based smartphone.

A new study conducted by the University of Edinburgh  has revealed that most Android devices are privacy abusers. The study found that most Android devices come pre-loaded with apps that are impossible to uninstall and enjoy wide ranging privileges including unfettered access to the Android devices. The sole aim of these apps is to prey on user’s data and send it to third parties as well as Google, which owns Android  (Click here)      


Reports about Bill Gates Workplace abuse resurfaces again

Image Credits: Flickr OnInnovation

Off late, Microsoft’s legendary founder Bill Gates has been getting lot of bad press as stories of his workplace misconducts became a part of public discourse. The unraveling of his supposed past misdeeds eventually led to his divorce. Now fresh reports about Bill Gates’ inappropriate behavior with a mid-level female employee almost a decade ago has once resurfaced. According to the latest report, Microsoft’s executives had requested Gates to stop inappropriate mails to the concerned female employee (Click here)     


Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone Partner, unveils electric vehicles

Foxconn India

The world knows Foxconn as Iphone’s most trusted manufacturing partner. But the Taiwan based company made a surprising announcement on Monday after it announced its foray into the world of electric vehicles. The company unveil slew of electric vehicles in front of the press (Click here).

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