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Facebook to Ban Sexualizing Content – Top Tech News

Here are top trending news from the world of technology


Facebook to ban ‘Sexualized’ Content

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will launch new mass anti-harassment policy. As part of this policy, the social media giant will start removing “severe sexualizing content” targeting public figures. Facebook will essentially remove any profiles, pages, groups or events dedicated to sexualizing public figures. Public figures, according to Facebook’s official statement, includes famous celebrities, journalists and content creators. The social media giant is in the midst of updating its content policy following series of high-profile leaks accusing the platform of fostering content that is harmful for teenagers and young adults (click here).

Stripe is reentering the crypto market

Payment giant Stripe has announced that it is creating a new crypto team for building out the ‘future of Web3 payments.’ This will be the second time that Stripe will be trying out the crypto space, after having left the marketing few years ago by ending support to Bitcoin payment. Stripe was actually among the first payment company to support Bitcoin payment (Click here).


Snapchat is the latest platform to face outage

Snapchat faced outage for nearly 5-6 hours on Wednesday in multiple countries including the U.S. American users started experiencing problems in accessing the Snapchat app in the early morning. Snapchat also acknowledged the hour long outage before coming out with the official statement that the problem has been fixed.


Hyundai to develop its own semi-conductor chip   

Official logo of Hyundai

Hyundai has become the latest automaker to unveil an ambitious plan to create its own semiconductor chip. Auto companies across the world have been badly hit by chip shortage over the last few months. This has prompted many big auto companies to get into chip manufacturing (Click here).    


Google’s latest virtual tour lets you walk through Great Wall of China             


Visiting China’s famous Great Wall of China in today’s COVID Times may be nearly impossible. But you can still have a virtual tour. This is all thanks to Google’s Art & Culture team, which has let users to virtually walk through the Great Wall of China. This includes the 360 degree virtual tour of one of the best preserved sections of the wall (Click here).

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