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Facebook Publicly Rebukes Apple, won’t launch Cloud Gaming on IOS – Top Trending News

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology….. check it out…


Facebook Publicly Rebukes Apple, won’t launch Cloud Gaming on IOS

Image Credits: Flickr Markus Spiering

Facebook has officially rolled out free cloud gaming services for all its users in most markets. The newly launched could gaming services will be available for free for Android and all web users. But in what appears to be a public rebuke, Facebook has decided to give Apple an absolute miss for its cloud gaming services. In other words, Social media giant’s new offering won’t be available on IOS platform. The company has blamed Apple’s arbitrary policies for this extreme decision.  To know more click here.


Zoom finally rolls out encryption feature. It isn’t a default feature but this isn’t the most dampening thing   

Zoom had finally started rolling out end-to-end encryption for free as well as paid users. It isn’t a default feature and hence users have to manually switch on E2EEE in their settings. But the more dampening thing is the fact that once the encryption feature is activated, Zoom’s users will have to give up many handy features. This includes features like streaming, live transcription, breakout rooms etc. To know more click here.


Brace yourself for an enhanced viewing experience on Youtube Mobile app

Youtube has just announced a series of small tweaks that it believes will improve the viewing experience of its mobile app users. The new updates will bring handy features like streamlined player experience and new gestures.  However, it is not known whether these new updates will be available for all markets. To know more please click here.


Can AI help us in finding an habitable planet in the Universe….the answer may be probably yes

Since several decades scientist and astronomers have been involved in quest to find another earth like planet in our humongous universe.  Humans can now expect match needed help in this ongoing quest from artificial intelligence. Researchers have found a new AI system that could easily detect flares erupting from star and this detection could prove helpful in finding earth like planet in our universe…to know more click here.

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