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Facebook practices political bias & is danger to democracy, claims ex-employee: Top Trending News

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology   


Facebook practices political bias & is danger to democracy, claims ex-employees: Top Trending News

Facebook CEO picture
Image Credits: Flickr Alessio Jacona

Facebook’s ex data scientist Sophie Zhang, who was fired only few weeks back, has made sensational claim that the social media giant was indulging in unethical practices that poses grave danger to democracies all across the world. From maliciously changing algorithms to creating fake accounts, Zhang has made scathing allegations against Facebook in her 6,000 worded memo. The gist of her memo is that Facebook aids in manipulating elections results and therefore poses an existential threat to democracies across the world.


Microsoft claims its Underwater Data Center Experiment to be a major Success 

Almost two years back, Microsoft plunged its data center deep into the Scottish sea with an aim to prove that deep-sea data centers are more energy-efficient and also more reliable. Now almost after 24 months, Microsoft has claimed that this experiment has actually showed some great results. With water-tight environment inducing tight temperature control, the data center suffered comparatively less on account of issues like corrosion, Microsoft said.


India’s Top Celebrities are under Chinese surveillance  


A reputed Indian English newspaper claimed on Monday that Chinese data company called Zhenhua Data has been collecting the data of some of the top Indian celebrities including politicians, military personals, intelligence officers, business tycoons etc. Although all apps and websites collect users’ data is an open secret, the newspaper claims that the aim and nature of Zhenhua Data’s data collection casts suspicion over its action. This report has surfaced at a time when India-China are witnessing border tensions.

Is there Life on Venus? Yes, might be.

Get over all the hype around Mars as Venus is now turning out to be the unexpected planet that can host some sort of alien life. Claimed as inhospitable planet for decades, Venus will be now studied with greater curiosity after scientist found Phosphine gas in Venus’ harshly acidic clouds. For all those who are not aware, Phosphine gas is one of the important factors that helps in nurturing and sustaining life on planet earth. However, scientists claim that it is still too early to conclude about possibility of any signs of life existing on ‘Venus.’

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