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Facebook planning to rebrand itself with a new name – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Facebook planning to rebrand itself with a new name

Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

Facebook may adopt a new name as part of its image makeover and break the underlying public perception that it is merely a social media company. According to The Verge,  Facebook will adapt a new that will lay great emphasis on its upcoming AR & VR product Metaverse. Zuckerberg has always reiterated that in future AR and VR products will become as ubiquitous as smartphones are today. However, there is still no information about what new name Facebook may adopt next week (Click here).


Cryptocurrency company Coinbase to sponsor NBA Games

Bitcoin graphic

America’s premier basketball league NBA has for the first agreed to receive sponsorship from a cryptocurrency company. America’s most well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is said to have struck a sponsorship deal with NBA, though details of the deal have not been made public. (Click here)


Netflix’s latest Global Sensation Squid Game helps to increase its subscribers

Buoyed by success of its latest global hit Squid Games, Netflix managed to more than double its subscribers during the previous quarter. According to the report, the Korean TV series Squid Game was watched by nearly 142 Mn people since its release last month. Netflix’s good subscription numbers have come amid the ongoing controversy over its upcoming show hosted by popular comedian Dave Chapelle (Click here).


Google Pixel 6’s Tensor Processor to bring AI and ML Photo Feature           


Google has just unveiled its latest smartphone ‘Pixel 6’ under its Pixel series. But Google’s latest smartphone offering is bit special given that this is the first time that Pixel phone will be powered by Google’s self-designed computer chip Tensor. Google has said that Tensor offer new phone features powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Click here).      


Microsoft is shutting down LinkedIn in China

Microsoft’s LinkedIn is the latest social network platform to fall prey toChina’s tough censorship rules. Microsoft has officially announced that its professional social network platform LinkedIn will closing all its operations in China, citing that it was becoming increasingly challenging to comply with China’s censorship rule. Microsoft has said it will soon launch job-only version of LinkedIn pretty soon (Click here)  

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