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Facebook is renaming another one of its Iconic Feature – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Facebook’s ‘News Feed’ will now only be known as ‘Feed’

Facebook has decided to rebrand its News Feed Service, which is an important part of the social media platform. Henceforth ‘News Feed’ will only be known as ‘Feed,’  which potentially changes nothing other than the name itself. Facebook had introduced ‘New Feed’ feature nearly 15 years back and since then it has been an integral part of the platform. It basically allowed Facebook users to share top news with other friends in the news section (Read more)


Disney hires new boss to look after its Metaverse Business

Entertainment giant Disney has promoted one of its old executives, Mike White, to lead its Metaverse team. White has been working with Disney for more than 10 years. His appointment clearly sends the message that Disney is taking the Metaverse business very seriously. Disney has said in its statement that Metaverse is “the next great storytelling frontier to be explored.” Facebook has already rebranded its name to ‘Meta,’ hinting that in future it will become a full-time Metaverse company (Read more)


Several Ukrainian Websites Knocked off by Cyber attack


Many important Ukrainian Websites were temporarily knocked off on Tuesday. This included websites of two of Ukraine’s largest banks and a website of defense ministry. It is still not clear who was behind this cyber-attack but fingers are being pointed towards Russian hackers. This news has come to forth amid growing military tension between Russia and Ukraine (Read more)


Snapchat starts testing ads in Snap Stories


Snapchat has started beta testing ads in its Snap Stories as it aims to generate more revenue avenues for its creators. The beta testing is probably limited to only U.S. and few other European countries. While Snapchat’s users might not like the ad interruption but creators may be more than happy with this news. However, this monetization is only limited to Snap Stars, which is a program reserved for Snapchat’s verified creators (Read more)


Why is Sec probing Binance

American stock market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought cryptocurrency exchange major Binance under its investigation scanner. SEC has said that it wants to investigate Binance’s relationship with its two sister firms Sigma Chain AG and Merit Peak Ltd (Read more)

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