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Facebook is planning a panel to oversee & moderate election-related content – Top Tech News

Here are the top tech news from the world of technology –


Facebook is planning a panel to oversee & moderate election related content  

Image Credits: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

According to The New York Times, Facebook is all set to launch an election commission that will oversee and moderate election related content on its platform. The NYT report claims that Facebook has already held prolong discussions with several policy makers and experts for sketching out the responsibilities and functions of this panel. Facebook’s election commission, which is likely to be launched by next fall, is part of social media giant’s attempt to address the complaint that it practices bias while promoting election content on its platform. Several political parties from prominent countries have constantly accused Facebook acting partially and unfairly while moderating election related content on its platform.          


Tech giants pledge to spend billions to beef up cybersecurity at Whitehouse meeting  

On Wednesday, the who’s who of the America’s technology world assembled in a White House meeting about cybersecurity. The meeting was chaired by the American President Joe Biden. This critical meeting took place in the wake of several high profile cybersecurity attacks targeting many online platforms including government software contractor Solar Wind. The meeting saw animatic discussions about cybersecurity with big tech giants agreeing to spend billions to beef up the cyber security infrastructure. According to media reports, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple and Amazon have announced to stretch their finances for building robust infrastructure and training people to secure the cyber world. Google & Microsoft in particular have pledged to invest $10 Bn and $20 Bn respectively in the cybersecurity space.


Musk’s unflattering tweet about Tesla’s Self Driving System          

Elon Musk takes a marijuana puff
Image Credits: Flickr John Trump

Few days back, Elon Musk announced on twitter that he is not a very big fan of Tesla’s self-driving system. He quipped that Tesla’s self-driving system isn’t all the great and there is still lot of scope for improvement. Tesla is among the score of competitors that is currently engaged in the race of perfecting the art of making self-driving cars.     


Netflix has a new plan to lure new customers  

Streaming giant Netflix has said that it will soon foray into the gaming biz in order to expand its  customer base. However, the company hasn’t shed much light on how it plans to go about in adding games to its streaming service. Critics and experts unanimously argue that Netflix’s foray into the gaming space is its out of the box strategy to expand its customer base amid increasing competition. The streaming giant in many publicized reports and conversations have claimed that it is unable to expand its customer base as people are getting easily swayed by gaming platforms.


Youtube has removed 1 Mn videos as part of the COVID misinformation drive

Streaming giant Youtube has said that it has removed nearly 1 Mn videos related to COVID misinformation since the inception of the pandemic. The platform divulged this particular information on its official blog. However, the streaming giant expressed its limitations in a rather unambiguous ways in dealing with COVID misinformation. This is largely due to the fact that almost millions of videos uploaded on Youtube, making censorship and moderation almost a herculean task.

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