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Facebook is now Meta – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology


Facebook is now Meta

Image Credits: Flickr Alessio Jacona

Facebook has finally changed its corporate name. Facebook will be now known with a new corporate name called ‘Meta.’ The new name represents Facebook’s soaring ambition to create a new identity surrounding its virtual and augmented reality products. Zuckerberg has been reiterating off late that Facebook is more than a social media company as its assumed most people. Facebook’s rebranding efforts and image makeover has come at a time when Facebook is facing worst regulatory crackdown and pressure from lawmakers (Click here).  


Amazon Misses (badly) on earnings and revenue

Amazon declared disappointing third quarter result on the back of supply chain problems and other adverse factors. The e-commerce giant announced in its earning calling that its revenue in the third quarter grew by only 15%, down from 37% during the same period last year. Worse, Amazon gave a weak forecast that eventually lead to sharp decline in Amazon’s share prices on Thursday (Click here)     


SpaceX is trying hard to resolve the toilet problem

Image Source: Flickr

SpaceX’s engineers are scrambling hard to resolve the toilet leakage problem in its dragon capsule that is scheduled to propel four astronauts towards space on Sunday early morning. Engineers claim that urine spoilage problem can play a spoilsport during Sunday’s crucial launch (Click here)              


Uber to get 50,000 electric cars from Tesla

Uber has said that it will induct 50,000 electric cars from Tesla and most of these cars will hit the road by end of 2023. Uber will source most of these 50,000 electric cars from Hertz, which recently announced that it has struck a deal of 1 lac EV cars with Tesla (Click here).       


Apple lost $6Bn during Q3

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Apple on Thursday announced during its third quarter earning call that it lost $6 Bn in revenue during the quarter. The tech giant cited ‘chip shortage’ and ‘manufacturing problem’ as the main reason for the revenue loss (Click here).    

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