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Facebook finally gives explanation for six-hour outage – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Facebook finally gives an explanation for six hour outage

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Facebook has finally given reason for its biggest global outage that lasted for nearly 6 hours on Monday. The social media giant said that the global outage was the result of configuration changes to its routers. To put this in layman’s language then Facebook’s machines were not able to talk to each other, leading to complete communication breakdown. The company shrugged off hacking and data theft as the reason for Monday’s outage. The Monday’s outage was so massive that it even took down WhatsApp and Instagram services. (Click here)  


Tesla ordered to pay $137 Mn to ex-worker (here’s why)

Image Credits: Flickr Gillinghammer

A federal court in San Francisco has ordered Tesla to pay whopping $137 Mn to its ex-worker. The ex-worker whose name goes by Owen Diaz had filed a case in the San Francisco accusing that he’d to endure racist abuses and hostile environment while working in the Tesla factory. Since last year the abuses endured by the black community at work place has become a talking point across the U.S. (Click here)


Microsoft finally rolls out Windows 11

Microsoft on Monday finally rolled out the latest version of Windows, Windows 11. This is Microsoft’s first operating system in almost a decade. Over the coming days, Microsoft will roll out Windows 11 in a phased manner over the next few days. The Windows 11 brings with it many new features including a redesigned UI, a new app store and features like new TEAM integration.


El Salvador starts mining Bitcoin using energy from Volcanos


After becoming one of the first countries in the world to adapt Bitcoin as a legal currency, El Salvador has started mining bitcoin. There is obviously nothing unusual in this except for the fact that it has start mining Bitcoin using energy from Volcano. El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele tweeted last week that this is El Salvador’s maiden voyage into volcano powered bitcoin mining.


Salesforce rules out that the global companies will return to the office like it existed in pre-covid era

Salesforce acquires CloudCraze for undisclosed amount.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff  has said in a interview that companies will be able to emulate the pre-covid working ambience. Simply put, Benioff said that we’re not all returning to the office. Not at least any time soon. Virtual and hybrid workplace will soon become the new normal in the post covid era.    

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