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Facebook faces ad boycott from a prominent US company – Top Trending news

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Facebook faces ad boycott from a prominent US company  

Image Source: Flickr

Become so big and enormous that nobody even thinks of boycotting you. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google indeed fall in these big leagues and therefore for advertisers to boycott these platforms is simply out of question. But a prominent American outdoor recreation company The North Face may have stroked a rebellion by deciding to commit to advertising boycott of Facebook. This, of course, has to do with the anti-racist movement that has swept the U.S over the last few weeks. Now the question remains will other U.S companies follow the suit to pressurize the social media giants to change their policies on hate speech and misinformation.


Samsung’s Blu-ray players are malfunctioning, but the company is apparently clueless

According to ZdNet, Samsung’s Blu-ray players are facing malfunctioning problems. The technology news portal has reported that users of Samsung Blu ray are facing strange problems – from getting stuck in an endless loop to hearing buzzing noise while playing. But the bigger complication is that Samsung is apparently still clueless about what is really driving these problems, leaving their customers to resolve the issue all by themselves (at least, for time being). By the way, Samsung was in news a couple of days back for denying reports that it is moving factory production out of China (but then that is just another story).


Uber’s Colombia logjam ends after court overturns restriction

For several months now Uber’s Colombian operations were facing existential problems, with the company being forced to briefly suspend its operation only to make a comeback with a different business model. This was all thanks to a decision passed by a Colombian regulatory body responsible for regulating competition in the country. But now Uber has got a reprieve from Colombian court, which has overturned these restrictions to allow the company to operate itself on the previous model.


Snapchat apologizes and this again has to do with the racism problem

Snapchat screenshot

Snapchat has tendered an apology for running a filter that was evidently offensive against the black community. The “Juneteenth” filter, which Snapchat has now taken down, was running a pan-African flag as a background theme and prompted people to smile. The filter immediately drew criticisms for promoting racism and Snapchat probably had little option but to take down the filter.

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