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Millions of Facebook users get spammed by Bizarre Celebrity Bug

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep in touch.


Millions of Facebook users get spammed by Bizarre Celebrity Bug

Millions of Facebook users were left utterly astonished on Wednesday when they saw their account’s main feed was flooded with posts, videos and memes from celebrity pages like The Lady Gaga, Nirvana, The Beatles and Kim Kardashian. These strange posts and videos from the celebrity page left everyone confused, before Facebook came with an official statement saying that this has been caused by a bug. The Meta owned platform eventually fixed the bug and everything is now almost back to normalcy. Netizens have nicknamed this bug as ‘celebrity bug.’ There were also widespread complaints on Twitter about Facebook website being down for a few hours on Wednesday.


A Hollywood Movie to Capture Rise & Fall of BlackBerry

Remember the BlackBerry smartphone. In its heydays, it was widely used by the corporate bigwigs and was among the most sought after smartphones. But those days are long gone as BlackBerry failed to reinvent and eventually bowed out of the smartphone industry. BlackBerry’s spectacular rise and fall has almost become a thing of legend and capturing this very legendary journey is an upcoming Hollywood flick. This movie is simply named ‘BlackBerry’ and is directed by Matt Johnson and stars Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton. The shooting of the movie has been completed but there is still no clarity when this movie will hit the theatres.


Google Confirms Threat from Iran backed Hacking group

Image Credits: Flickr Niharb

Google has almost confirmed that an Iranian government backed hacking group has got a new tool that gives them unsolicited access to the Gmail account. This hacking group goes by the name ‘Charming Kitten.’ Apart from stealing the data from Gmail accounts,  Charming Kitten can also steal data from Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo mail as well. Media reports further claim that the Iranian hacking group has already been able to target small numbers of Gmail users. Considering the high threat perception, there is increasing fear that Charming Kitten may target the email accounts of top politicians and security officials in the U.S.


TikTok now plans to serve ‘local content’  

The popular video sharing app TikTok is flirting with the idea of getting into local content. According to TechCrunch, TikTok is currently beta testing a new feed called ‘Nearby’ among small users in Southeast Asia. This feature will essentially allow users to add a ‘location tag’ while uploading their videos. Making it eventually easier for users to find videos based on location. While TikTok is still beta testing the local content feature, Instagram has already launched a similar feature called ‘searchable map.’ Instagram’s searchable map makes it easier for users to discover videos and photos from nearby locations.


Apple officially announces ‘Launch Date’ of iPhone 14   

Apple has finally announced that its product launch event will be held on September 7Th. Although the company hasn’t spilled the beans, it is almost official that it will unveil the much awaited iPhone 14 during the product event. The tech giant has already sent the ‘invite’ of its product event to all the leading media houses. However, this event be held virtually due to COVID protocol and the event can be viewed live on Apple’s Youtube page. Although Apple is expected to roll out many products, every one’s eyes will be set on iPhone 14. The company is expected to roll out as many as four models of iPhone 14 during the launch event.

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