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Facebook Finally Begins Testing 4K Resolution for Regular Videos

Facebook starts testing 4K video resolution.

Facebook finally seems to be waking up to the hard reality of taking 4K videos little more seriously, after it confirmed to that It has started testing 4K videos for both uploaders and viewers. The social media giant also said that Facebook users can now upload 4k videos on certain pages & profiles without disclosing much information about them.

Facebook over the years has been making lot of experiments with videos, knowing very well that videos hold untapped potential for increasing its ad revenues. However, 4K videos somehow could not fit into Facebook’s fetish for experimenting with videos. This despite the fact that had started experimenting with 4K videos as back as 2010 and since then has done quite few things on this front. Although Youtube’s experimentation pace has been critically slow, but these efforts were need of the hour in order to push 4K videos into the mainstream.

The one reason why Facebook, or for that matter any big company has been slow on experiment with 4K videos is because this video technology is still considered to be in infancy stage. Several tech experts believe that 4K videos, which run on 2160p UHD-1 resolution, will need many more years to catch up with the popularity of HD (High Definition) videos.

But then HD videos, which today almost has become a standard resolution, was also once in a nascent stage. Hence a similar turnaround cannot be ruled out for 4k Videos, as it would bring extra pixel clarity for viewers.

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