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Ex-Tesla Employees admits stealing confidential documents – Top Trending News


Ex-Tesla Employees admits stealing confidential documents

Ex Tesla Employees have reportedly admitted of stealing confidential documents. This shocking admission was fallout of lawsuit settlement between Tesla and self-driving startup Zoox. Zoox has reportedly confessed that four of its employees did take confidential documents from their previous employer Tesla. According to reports, Zoox will be paying undisclosed amount of money to Tesla as part of the settlement money.


Apple rolls out low budget iPhones

Shrugging of the pandemic concerns, Apple on Wednesday rolled out a slew of budget friendly iPhones, called as the new iPhone SE. Available in three variants, the new iPhones price starts from $399 for 64GB, $449 for 128 GB model and $549 for 256 GB model.  Industry experts are calling the all new iPhone SE as the revamped version of iPhone 8 that comes with better camera and processor and has a lower price label. iPhone SE will be available for pre-order from April-17th and will be shipped from April 24.


Google to go slow on hiring; courtesy COVID-19 Pandemic

Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google Inc., speaks during a Google product launch event in San Francisco, California, U.S.

Due to the continued economic uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic, Google’s hiring process will be most probably subdued for the reminder of the current year. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai elaborated about the same in a email that was accessed by Bloomberg. Just to set the record straight, Google had hired approximately 20,000 employees last year but this year the number is going to be way low.


SoftBank Funded Opendoor has just announced a massive layoff

Keeping with the ongoing season of layoffs, SoftBank backed real estate startup Opendoor has given pink slips to nearly 600 employees. This constitutes roughly 35% of the company’s overall staff. Started seven years ago, Opendoor allowed people across US to buy and sell homes almost with the press of a button. However, with real estate sector getting rattled due to the ongoing pandemic, Opendoor’s finances seem to be clearly struggling.


Scientists find Earth like planet at habitable sweet spot

Scientists have found yet another new planet. Well, this may sound like no news given that almost every month a new planet is found in our massive universe. However, this particular planet has been found at a location that is often described as ‘habitable sweet spot.’ habitable sweet spot means that this new planet, officially called as Kepler-1649c, may harbor life giving environment – just like our earth. This habitable sweet spot is evidently located just outside our solar system.




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