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Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey slams Twitter’s Board – Calls it dysfunctional

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Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey slams Twitter Board – Calls it dysfunctional

CEO of Twitter attends 'dmexco' in Cologne
Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

As Elon Musk intensifies his efforts to acquire 100% controlling stake in Twitter, Twitter’s ex-CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey for the first time broke his silence over this fiasco. While Dorsey didn’t comment over Musk, his statement was specifically targeted against Twitter’s board. He said that the ‘board has consistently been the dysfunction of the company,’ hinting that the board never allowed the microblogging company to fulfill its true potential. Musk’s critical statement against the Twitter board is hardly surprising given that he always shared a very difficult relationship with Twitter board. Owing to this difficult relationship, Dorsey had to resign from Twitter in November last year and handed over the baton to Parag Agrawal.


Facebook is losing interest in Podcast business

Last year April, Facebook had unveiled slew of audio related features that marked its foray into podcast business. With these features, Facebook also attempted to create a Clubhouse clone, a popular social audio app. However, barely a year after the launch of these audio features, Facebook is losing interest in this niche space. According to Bloomberg, Facebook isn’t getting much traction for podcast and social audio feature. Bloomberg reports also blamed other factors including Facebook’s foray into Metaverse, downfall in the popularity of social audio apps and its inability to compete with Google and Apple in the podcast market.


Amazon may soon foray into augmented reality space  

Image Credits: Flickr Girdhar Gopal

Amazon may become the next big tech company to foray into augmented reality space. According to media reports, amazon has listed a job opening in a popular job portal for hiring a software engineer that will work in the AR space. Media reports claim that Amazon is hiring a augmented reality engineer for making a smart home product. However, there isn’t much information available about what kind of smart home product Amazon is trying to build. It must be noted that Amazon already sells wide-range of smart home gadgets in the market. However, this will be the first time that Amazon will be integrating AR technology into its smart home products and gadgets.


US will not conduct anti-satellite tests in future    

Satellite in space picture
Image Credits: Flickr NOAA Photo Library

America is all set to permanently ban anti-satellite tests. For all those who don’t know, anti- satellite missile test is a practice of using ground-based missiles to destroy satellites orbiting our planet earth. America has taken this drastic step as it is concerned about increasing amount of debris in the space. America claims that these debris not only pose grave danger to the space environment but also to astronauts living in the international space station. America is now expecting other nations, especially Russia, to follow the suit.


Sequoia Capital claims that it is committed to corporate governance amid strings of scandals in Indian startups

VC giant Sequoia has come out with strongly worded statement claiming that it will show zero tolerance to any financial fraud in its portfolio companies. Sequoia had to come out with this statement since its portfolio companies like BharatPe, Trell and Zlinigo are currently facing serious allegations over financial irregularities. Sequoia said that it will train its founders and startup team in corporate governance issue. It is worth noting that BharatPe scandal almost became a national issue, eventually leading to the resignation of its controversial CEO and Shark Tank judge Ashneer grover.

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