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Essential Home is your new Smart home device with AI-powered Ambient OS

Any person who’s following the technology industry over the last decade might definitely have heard about Andy Rubin and his huge contributions to Mobile computing. One of the co-creators of Android operating system, Andy Rubin has come up with a new operating system named Ambient OS which is powered with AI and can control your home functions. The father of Android has designed the Essential Home product to support all smart home systems.

The company also launched its Essential Phone very recently which has a modular accessory system, an outlandish screen with edge-to-edge display, 360-degree camera, 4GB RAM, Qualcomm 835 processor, and 128GB of storage. Andy also launched the Essential Home product with an intelligent speaker powered with Ambient OS.This elegant device with round “auto-display” and intelligent voice assistant is very similar to existing smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The device is very compact, comes with a circular touch screen display which looks pleasing to the eyes. Ambient OS has been designed to support and co-exist with all available standards and protocols.

The Ambient OS was developed by Andy to activate smart home features by understanding the physical layout of your home, various services and devices available to it. Ambient OS contains the necessary API to handle all kind of smart home applications like flashing your lights after certain timer kicks in or powering off your geyser etc. Essential Home will allow you to control your home lights, music systems, set timers for home appliances, ask you general interest questions etc. Essential Home can also take note of your daily routines and remind you when to leave your home in order to attend meetings on time. The developers can automate your home functions using the Ambient OS API through which they can control various devices in the home.

The services provided by Essential Home are similar to IFTTT, but the difference is that this product runs all logic on the device itself rather than running it on the cloud with an attempt to ensure security and data privacy. It will try to control the devices through your local home network whenever possible instead of using the Cloud API and all the data is stored in the Essential Home device itself. The product will only suggest the smart home actions and users can choose whether to enable them or not.

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