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Elon Musk’s xAI is aiming to build a supercomputer for Grok

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Elon Musk’s xAI is aiming to build a supercomputer for Grok

Elon Musk’s company, xAI, is aiming to build a massive supercomputer to take their chatbot Grok to the next level. This machine, nicknamed a “gigafactory of compute” by Musk and will become operational by fall of 2025. Its purpose is to train a new, improved version of Grok. The supercomputer will likely rely on tens of thousands of NVIDIA H100 GPUs, placing the cost in the billions. This processing power is supposed to be at least four times greater than what competitors are using currently. Backed by supercomputer, the new version of Grok is expected to perform several complex tasks and significantly smarter than the current Grok 1.5. Overall, this is a highly ambitious project and it will be interesting to see how positively it affects Grok’s efficiency.


iOS 18 may get AI-generated emoji and many other exciting features  

Apple’s iOS 18 is rumored to bring some exciting features powered by artificial intelligence. One of its foremost features is the AI-generated emoji, which could prove to be a game-changer for all those who love sending expressive messages. Try imaging your iPhone suggesting a custom emoji based on what you’re typing. Moving ahead, iOS 18 might offer app icon customization feature. This means it would allow more freedom to arrange and even change the color of app icons for a truly personalized home screen. Lastly, Siri, Apple’s very own virtual assistant, might get a major upgrade with AI. This could mean more natural-sounding conversations and potentially new functionalities.


You can now find song on YouTube Music by humming

YouTube Music has launched yet another exciting AI feature that would allow its users to find a song simply by humming or singing, even without knowing the actual lyrics. To use this feature, Open the app and look for the search bar. There should be a new icon next to the microphone icon that resembles a musical waveform. Simply tap and hold on the waveform icon and hum, sing, or even whistle the melody of the song stuck in your head. The longer and clearer the melody, the better the accuracy. Once you finish humming, YouTube Music will analyze the audio and suggest potential song matches. You can then choose the most likely match to find the song you’re looking for. However, this AI feature is still under development, but it can be a real lifesaver when you have a catchy tune stuck in your head!


Google acquires minority stake in Walmart-owned Flipkart

Sundar Pichai
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Search engine giant Google has taken up minority stake in India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart. According to sources, the search engine giant has invested $350 Mn in the company. The funding was part of part of the latest round led by Walmart, which is a parent company of Flipkart. This funding round will strengthen Flipkart’s position in the Indian e-commerce market and compete more efficiently with Amazon. It could also foster collaboration between Flipkart and Google especially in areas like cloud technology.

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