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Elon Musk’s The Boring Company may face Penalty in Tune of Millions – Top Trending News


Elon Musk’s The Boring Company may face Heavy penalty

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company (TBC) may face penalty in tune of millions if there is any element of truth in Techcrunch’s claim. Techcrunch has said that it has accessed confidential documents claiming that Musk’s The Boring Company may not be able to transit as many passengers as it had promised through its Las Vegas loop. According to reports, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) had entered in contract with TBC to transit as many as 4,500 attendees to its center every hour. However, it now seems that TBC may be able to transit only fraction of that number and this may result in penalty in tune of millions. To know more click here.


Google has discontinued an app that allowed to check your loved one during emergency

Although it is not known whether Google offered its location sharing emergency Trusted Contacts in all markets, it has decided to kill the app in the U.S.  It will officially discontinue the app in December but has already taken down the app from the Google play store. Google has said that it will redirect the users to a feature in Google Maps, which is actually a stripped-down feature and probably a poor alternative to Trusted Contacts app. To know more click here.


2.2 Mn – that’s the number of ad Facebook and Instagram rejected and here’s why

Facebook and Instagram recently rejected 2.2 Mn ads, according to Facebook’s VP Nick Clegg. This is a big number and a huge loss in ad revenue for the social networking giant. But the social networking giant was more than willing to incur this loss as these ads were aiming to target voting patterns in the upcoming U.S election. During the last few years Facebook has been coming under increasing scrutiny for its alleged political bias and influencing election results. To know more click here.


EU’s anti-trust decision on Google-Fitbit merger postponed (again)

EU’s anti-trust body has once again postponed its deadline to take the final decision on a merger between Google and Fitbit. The new deadline has been tentatively set on January 8, 2021. According to reports, EU’s anti-trust body may have pushed the deadline as one of the two parties could have asked for a more time. By the way, all the big American tech giants have already come under the scanner of anti-trust body for their monopolistic actions. To know more click here.

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